Give the Gift of Sleep

Give the gift of sleep with Moms on Call. We’re sharing gift ideas for each price point along with our top 3 sleep tips for sleep for all ages.

At Moms on Call, we’ve assisted thousands of families with sleeping through the night and getting the much needed sleep they deserve. So, if you or someone you know is an expectant parent, you’ve landed in the right place!

Finding the perfect gift for an expectant parent can be a challenge because there are just SO many options! There are so many things that baby will need and even more opinions about which products are the best and why. We are here to simplify your gift giving process. The one thing that every baby AND every parent will need is…SLEEP! Give them the gift of sleep. It’s the ultimate gift and they will be forever grateful!

Moms on Call has curated a list of our top 3 sleep tips and gifts at each price point for all of the expectant parents in your life.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving:

  • Under $50
  • Under $75
    • Moms on Call Complete Book Set
      • What’s Included?
        • Moms on Call: Basic Baby Care, 0-6 Month Book
        • Moms on Call: Next Steps 6-15 Month Book
          • Tackle the next stages of parenting with this book!
          • Typical Day and Feeding Schedules, including sample menus.
          • When and how to transfer to a toddler bed
          • Weaning and transitioning to a sippy cup
          • Developmental milestones
          • And more!
        • Moms on Call: No Nonsense Toddler Book
          • What to say to your toddler to motivate positive behavior
          • The three household rules your toddler can understand and how to implement them
          • Cheat sheets for navigating common challenging toddler scenarios, including:
            • Potty Training
            • The “No” Stage
            • Bringing home a new baby or sibling
    • Looking for a fun way to wrap your gift for the expectant parent in your life? Head over to our Instagram and check out our Reels for a quick “how to” in gift wrapping books that is simple and unique!
  • Under $300
    • The Complete Collection (Birth to 4 Years)
      • Give the gift of sleep with Moms on Call Complete Collection
      • What’s inside?
        • Moms on Call Swaddle Blanket
        • All 3 of Moms on Call’s world-famous books:
          • Moms on Call Basic Baby Care, 0-6 Month Book
          • Moms on Call, Next Steps 6-15 Month Book
          • Moms on Call, No Nonsense Toddler Book
        • Lifetime access to all 3 of Moms on Call’s Online Courses
          • Our Online Video Courses bring our books to life.  They are designed to compliment each other perfectly by educating parents and equipping them with the tools needed to confidently implement the Moms on Call methods.  
          • 0-6 Month Online Course
            • 40+ bite sized videos with pediatric nurses, Laura Hunter and Jennifer Walker
              • Printable essential guides, including typical day schedules
              • 0-6 Month FAQs covering: 4 month developmental breakthrough, diaper rash, medications, multiples, using a paci, rolling over, sound machines, swaddling, teething, weaning and twins.
              • Famous MOC Pep Talks
          • 6-15 Month Online Course
            • All 33 Moms on Call Method Lessons (under 3 minutes each!) covering:
              • Feedings, routines, getting everyone sleep, introducing solids, mastering the sippy cup, naps and fun recipes
            • Printable, essential guides, including typical daily routines
            • 6-15 Month FAQs covering: stopping bottles, falling asleep in car seat, getting rid of the paci, bringing home a new sibling, when to move to the high chair, weaning, teething, traveling and time zone changes
          • Toddler Online Course
            • 27 of Moms on Call Toddler by Design Lessons including:
              • The groundbreaking MOC SMART Paradigm, effective communication, giving clear direction, Moms on Call’s Three-Point Teaching Technique, the “no” stage, keys to toddler sleep and so much more
            • Printable essential guides, including typical daily schedules and combined schedules for multi-child households
            • An in-depth look at each toddler profile covered under the SMART Paradigm
            • Toddler FAQs covering: pacifiers, going out to eat, getting in the car seat, tantrums and whining
          • All Courses include lifetime access (for your growing family) and the famous Moms on Call Moments Series, exclusive bonus content available to Online Course members only.

Sometimes the best gift is letting them choose! Whether they’re expecting their first or navigating the toddler years, everyone can use confidence, clarity and better sleep with Moms on Call’s Gift Card at the amount you get to pick!

Our Top 3 Sleep Tips

Included in the Books and Online Courses are our most valuable tips in parenting, including our tried and true Moms on Call Basic Sleep tips! Here is a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside of our resources. Because we believe families at all stages deserve all the zZz’s!!

zZz’s as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Safe Sleep Environment
    • We suggest babies sleep in the crib or a bassinet.
      • The crib mattress should be less than 5 years old, have a mattress cover and a tight fitted crib sheet. 
      • There should not be any pillows, stuffed animals, loose blankets or interactive toys (including mobiles) in or near the crib. The crib should be free of all stimulation.
        • Side note: That cute mobile can be hung over the dresser or the changing table!
    • For Toddlers, you can find our tips on transitioning to a toddler bed in the Moms on Call, Next Steps 6-15 Month Book.
    • You can find more information on how to create the ideal sleep environment here.
  2. Routine & Consistency
    • The Typical Day Routines found in our resources include feeding about every 3 hours during the day for newborns and lengthen the stretches as our babies grow older.
      • We focus on a minimum of two naps a day, when you can. And strive to hit that bedtime routine whenever possible — bath, tender time, feeding then bed. 
    • Babies and Toddlers learn by routine and association.
      • By implementing the Moms on Call principles consistently, you are helping your little one learn when to sleep.
        • Setting nap times and a predictable bedtime routine are important in establishing healthy sleep habits.
        • Getting proper rest is not only necessary to your baby’s development but also beneficial for the entire family…Parents need rest too!
  3. Practice the Pause
    • With Moms On Call, we give you specific guidelines for what to do when your little one wakes early from a nap or in the middle of the night, according to age.
    • “Practice the Pause” simply means to wait just a few minutes before reacting. Whether in the middle of a nap sleep cycle or when they wake in the middle of the night, just wait.
      • By waiting a few minutes it will give them the opportunity to wake, fuss, and go back to sleep or they will let us know they are ready to eat.
    • But it doesn’t stop there….
      • Wait a few minutes before responding to the spilled milk
      • Wait a few minutes before intervening to sibling “discussions”
      • Wait a few minutes to decide if you really should post that comment
        • By waiting just a few minutes you may see a clearer way to respond.
    • So tonight, pause, take a deep breath and choose how to respond.

And in case you haven’t heard it today, you are doing great!!

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