0-6 Month Online Course

You want to sleep, and we want to help! Our 0-6 Month Course is going to be your new best friend. With 40+ bite-sized videos, we cover everything from feeding and sleeping, to schedule transitions and typical days at different stages. Plus, with lifetime access, you will have all the time in the world to enjoy this content at your own pace (and refresh your knowledge for your next little one)!



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    Jen H.
    Game changer!!

    I purchased this product at 4am feeling defeated and exhausted! Jennifer and Laura’s videos were reassuring, comforting and provided easy tools to soothe and get baby to sleep more. I made 3 little tweaks to our nighttime routine using the tips recommended and, no joke, the next night my 7- week old slept a 4 hour stretch (she had been waking every 45 mins!). I’m forever grateful!!! Thank you for giving me some much needed sleep back! :)

    Beth Gori
    Updated review

    I was so happy with the 0-6 month book that I ordered the ‘all in’ bundle and was first unhappy because the videos seemed to contain exactly the same information as the book with no extras. However, the bonus information that comes up and the question answering has restored my faith completely. Highly recommend.

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    Jennifer and Laura

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    ~Laura & Jennifer