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They say it takes a village to raise a child—welcome to yours.

Our Story

“Babies don’t come with an instruction manual.” We heard it too many times. So, instead of accepting the old cliché as fact—we asked “why not?”.

The Story Behind Moms on Call

As pediatric nurses, day, night, and every weekend, we took after-hours patient calls for a busy Atlanta pediatric practice. Which meant if any of the 9,000 patients had a question, we got paged. We did this for years and years. Advising concerned parents who, interestingly, all had the same questions! Then one day, it clicked. Let’s proactively give parents a simple, easy-to-follow guide to address their most common curiosities and concerns. This was so well received, our printouts quickly grew into a library of resources including: 3 books, 3 video courses, 2 apps, and a flourishing network of consultants.

Today, Moms on Call is amazed to say that our resources have helped over 1,000,000 and counting moms and dads across the world parent with confidence as they discover the joys of the first four years. And we are thrilled to introduce you to the team that makes this magic happen!
Jennifer & Laura co-founders
~Jennifer & Laura
Moms on Call founders 1
Laura Hunter

Laura Hunter


A mother of five, Laura is a pediatric nurse with over 25 years of experience. She’s also a successful entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and highly sought-after infant-care consultant with an international following. Her unwavering passion and commitment across all facets of her life is to encourage and inspire parents.

Jennifer Walker

Jennifer Walker


Jennifer juggles multiple roles—mother of three, pediatric nurse, wife, public speaker, infant and toddler care consultant, and author. Couple her 25 years of nursing experience with her everyday know-how, and it’s easy to see she has the heart and expertise to inspire parents with practical advice on the joys and challenges of parenthood.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Today, Moms on Call continues our goal to serve families all over the world. Meeting them where they are and delivering our methodology and content in ways that work for them. God has inspired us to encourage and empower on the amazing but sometimes tumultuous parenting journey. Our mission is to offer today’s parents greater wisdom and understanding to fully-and whole-heartedly enjoy raising their little ones.

Morgan Eddy


Mama to Barnes, Charlie, Poppy, and Collier the Goldendoodle. Wife to her best friend, Chris. Being a Moms on Call mom herself gives Morgan a unique perspective as CEO that allows her to truly understand and find meaningful ways to connect with other parents while helping them thrive.

Kayla Hunter

Kayla Hunter

Social Media Manager

Kayla Hunter is our experienced Social Media Manager here at Moms On Call. Driven by creative strategy, she takes pride in providing a consistent design layout and great content for all of our digital platforms. As the social lead, her love for showcasing our Moms On Call families and products is evident in every post she creates.

Olivia Pinheiro

Olivia Pinheiro

Parent Experience Manager

With an education in Early Childhood Development, wife, and mother to two (Demetrius and Audrey)—Olivia enjoys writing, sharing, and supporting parents as they seek the answers they need. Every day, she gracefully supports parents through their journey, with her distinct charm and a strong cup of coffee.

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