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You are geniuses!

I owe everything to y’all - my two babes are healthy, wonderful sleepers and I tell every new mom that the only book they need to read is MOC. You are geniuses! Thank you!
Emerald W.

We love MOC!

Just had our third baby and cannot imagine growing our family without MOC! The predictability is everything and love my happy babies

Best sleep

I have 2 of the MOC swaddle blankets! We followed MOC with our oldest child (now almost 3) and he has been a great sleeper since 10 weeks of age. We are so grateful for MOC!! Thank you!
Shannon D.

MOC is a lifesaver

I have loved reading my moms on call books! They have been a life saver in the sleep, schedule aspect, but an amazing bonus in the faith, moral, discipline and creating family time aspects!
Janice S.

We're so grateful

We followed MOC with our oldest child (now almost 3) and he has been a great sleeper since 10 weeks of age. We are so grateful for MOC!! Thank you!
Shannon S.

Saved our sanity

THANK YOU for what you all do! My husband and I have followed your schedules with our first born (now 2) and now with our 7 week old. You’ve definitely saved our sanity!
Lindsay P.


Our books and online courses.

0-6 months

The complete collection of proven, sensible parenting resources for birth through 6 months.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Prepare for your newborn’s arrival
  • Feeding schedules
  • Develop amazing sleep habits
  • Outlines of typical daily schedules

6-15 months

The complete collection of proven, sensible parenting resources for 6 through 15 months.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Weaning & the sippy cup transition
  • Feeding schedules
  • Develop amazing sleep habits
  • Outlines of typical daily schedules


The complete collection of proven, sensible parenting resources for the toddler years.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Getting rid of the pacifier
  • The “no” stage
  • Whining and tantrums
  • Holding hands across the street

It Starts with Sleep

You both need it.
Babies want to sleep, we just have to help them learn. Get started here with a plan to maintain 9-12 hours in a row of sound snoozing and more.
Give Yourself a Break

Give Yourself a Break

The world has been ever so changing in the last year, and as parents we are expected to stay calm and focus on what is really important — continuing to raise happy, healthy children.  Stress and anxiety can sometimes overwhelm our hearts and startle our minds, making it difficult to be clear and calm while raising our little ones — which is so important.  Give yourself a break with some tips on managing stress and anxiety! Parent out of truth, not fear!  The truth is that you’ve got this!Establish a daily schedule. We’ve got you! Moms on Call’s resources feature Typical Day schedules for the first four years!Take a moment for yourself. Plan something just for you! No babysitter, no problem!Take some time after the little ones are asleep to sneak a yummy desert or run a bath and enjoy the calm!Establish visiting rules, within reason, for your newborns and young children.  Allow trusted, healthy family members in so that you can also have a break.Set aside time to sit and play with your baby.  Quiet your mind and enjoy these moments! They grow up too quick and these are the moments we will look back on! Live in the moment! Focus on the immediate need — taking care of yourself and your family.  This is what we can control! Try not to dwell on the things that are out of your control right now.Know when to ask for help.  Speak with your spouse, family members and friends when you are in need of help OR just need another adult to talk to about the stress you are having. Talking it out can relieve your heart! Moms on Call has many resources, tips and tricks to help keep your life steady and stress free.  Our Online Video Courses and books cover everything you need to know including feeding, sleeping, typical day schedules, FAQs and so much more!  Our swaddle blankets, apps and certified consultant network will support you as you use the Moms on Call method. Visit to find the resources that are right for you!
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Making the Best Feeding Decision for Us By Erica Greenfield

Making the Best Feeding Decision for Us By Erica Greenfield

When I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited to start learning about breastfeeding! Everyone I knew raved over how amazing the connection was between mama and babe! I couldn’t believe I was going to get to experience that!  So, I began researching breastfeeding, learned about latching, how to keep my supply up and how important breastfeeding was for baby. I went into labor knowing I would be breastfeeding no matter what.  Then, they laid that sweet baby on my chest and I completely froze. The nurse helped me get my daughter to latch, I talked with the hospital’s lactation specialist and, while it didn’t feel normal, I knew I would get the hang of it.  Fast forward a couple days, my daughter was screaming all the time. I felt like no matter how much I was breastfeeding she wasn’t happy or satisfied.  On the 9th day, I gave in and gave her a bottle of formula our pediatrician had sent home with us because she wasn’t gaining weight. As I gave her the bottle, I apologized profusely for not being able to give her what I thought she needed.  I cried all day. I felt like I was failing as a mom.  Feeding didn’t ever get easier. In fact, it got harder when we learned she had severe reflux. I finally threw in the towel and switched to formula 100% when she was a month old. I remember feeling scared someone would find out I wasn’t breastfeeding. And was sure they would think I was a selfish mom and talk negatively about me.  Keeping it a secret wasn’t possible for the obvious reasons, so I just started talking about it! You know what I learned?  That there are a lot of mamas that have had terrible experiences with breastfeeding.  They, too, felt like they were failing as moms. I was glad to hear I wasn’t alone, but I was also sad to hear so many women felt the same way I did. Why aren’t we talking about this more openly? Why am I scared to tell people my children weren’t breastfed? Why am I being shamed for nourishing my child the way that best fits our lifestyle?  The bottom line is that we shoudn’t be shaming anyone for taking care of their child. Breastmilk from the breast? Great! Breastmilk from a bottle? Great! Formula? Great!  Both my baby girl and I started thriving once we switched to formula. We found a formula that helped with her reflux and she started gaining weight! I started to feel like myself again! And I felt PROUD that I had made a really hard decision, but the RIGHT decision for US. 
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Episode 5 | Dads Are Not Idiots

Episode 5 | Dads Are Not Idiots

An episode about father figures and ways to invest in your kids’ lives when you don’t share the same passions. We’re also announcing our podcast launch giveaway winner! Plus, your calls answered: What’s the importance of waking my newborn up at specific times during the day and is it good for them? How can I help my kid nap with a cranial helment on? How do I keep my 3 month old awake when they’re supposed to be awake? Have a question for the Moms? Call us and leave a message at 888-234-7979. Looking for something the Moms mentioned on the show? You can find it here:Moms on Call SwaddleLectrofan Sound Machine As a thank you for being one of our first podcast listeners, save 20% on any product purchased through our website with the code PODCAST!
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