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You are geniuses!

I owe everything to y’all - my two babes are healthy, wonderful sleepers and I tell every new mom that the only book they need to read is MOC. You are geniuses! Thank you!
Emerald W.

We love MOC!

Just had our third baby and cannot imagine growing our family without MOC! The predictability is everything and love my happy babies

Best sleep

I have 2 of the MOC swaddle blankets! We followed MOC with our oldest child (now almost 3) and he has been a great sleeper since 10 weeks of age. We are so grateful for MOC!! Thank you!
Shannon D.

MOC is a lifesaver

I have loved reading my moms on call books! They have been a life saver in the sleep, schedule aspect, but an amazing bonus in the faith, moral, discipline and creating family time aspects!
Janice S.

We're so grateful

We followed MOC with our oldest child (now almost 3) and he has been a great sleeper since 10 weeks of age. We are so grateful for MOC!! Thank you!
Shannon S.

Saved our sanity

THANK YOU for what you all do! My husband and I have followed your schedules with our first born (now 2) and now with our 7 week old. You’ve definitely saved our sanity!
Lindsay P.


Our books and online courses.

0-6 months

The complete collection of proven, sensible parenting resources for birth through 6 months.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Prepare for your newborn’s arrival
  • Feeding schedules
  • Develop amazing sleep habits
  • Outlines of typical daily schedules

6-15 months

The complete collection of proven, sensible parenting resources for 6 through 15 months.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Weaning & the sippy cup transition
  • Feeding schedules
  • Develop amazing sleep habits
  • Outlines of typical daily schedules


The complete collection of proven, sensible parenting resources for the toddler years.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Getting rid of the pacifier
  • The “no” stage
  • Whining and tantrums
  • Holding hands across the street

It Starts with Sleep

You both need it.
Babies want to sleep, we just have to help them learn. Get started here with a plan to maintain 9-12 hours in a row of sound snoozing and more.
Moms on Call’s Top 5 Favorite Outdoor Toys

Moms on Call’s Top 5 Favorite Outdoor Toys

The weather is warming up and before we know it the sun will be out for good! If you have been spending as much time outdoors as we have these past few weeks, you’ve already been searching for top outside play toys! Below you’ll find our 5 favorites and why we love them! Head over to our Outdoor Play board for even more great options and prepare for lots of outdoor fun with your little ones!   Fisher Price Bubble Mower Need we say more? A bubble machine and mower all in one! The bubble mower works on grass, sidewalks and driveways.It even has mower sounds, adding realistic value to your little one’s pretend play! Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play TableSplash around with this fun water table in the yard or back patio for a quick cool off outside. Not just for fun! It also encourages fine motor skills like put and take, fill and pour and squeeze and squirt.  Pro tip: Add bubbles for even more fun!Little Tikes Toddler SlideNo playground? No problem! This easy-to-set and store slide is great for hours of fun! Ideal for ages 18 months to 6 years old Tip: You can play with this anywhere! So, on rainy days we use this indoors to manage the chaos! The Original Stomp Rocket Run, Jump, Stomp! Stimulate STEM learning with this exciting (kid-friendly) air rocket launcher! Bonus: NO batteries needed, all kid! CozyBomb Magnetic Fishing Pool ToysLifelike fishing with varying sizes and colors of 3D underwater animals and reel sound.This BPA free non-toxic toy is great for a backyard kiddie pool or water table. The best part? There are 2 fishing rods and 2 nets included! Perfect for sibling play or alongside Mom or Dad!  For the complete list of our favorite outdoor toys visit the Moms on Call: Products We Love page on Amazon for this list and many more!
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Wash Away Those Nerves

Wash Away Those Nerves

There are a lot of firsts after bringing home a baby. Some more nerve-wracking than others. Here are some of Moms on Call’s tips for bath time to ease these new moments and really cherish them.  So, wash away those nerves and jump right in! (Figuratively of course!  This bathwater is only a few inches deep.) Bath time is one of our favorite times of the day with our baby. Let’s talk about preparation, safety and success.  What you do before bath sets you up for success. Have a basket of bath time essentials within arms reach. Towels (Our favorite! Soft and fluffy which is incidentally how I am occasionally described! –Jen)Extra wash cloths (One is going cover the baby’s tummy to keep them warm)Mild baby shampoo and wash (Lavender still brings back memories of a freshly washed baby.)Baby hairbrush with soft gentle bristles (Can anyone say scalp massage?!)The bouncy seat is prepped with a cozy towel as a “docking station” right outside the bath for a quick and easy transfer in and out of the bathtub. Safety is key! Moms on Call takes out the guesswork! Watch below, exactly how a pediatric nurse would do it. MOC Basics: Bathing from Moms On Call on Vimeo. Support the baby’s head and neck with one hand, and wash with the other. Do not try to stand up with a wet, slippery baby in your hands. Transfer them to the bouncy seat (see above) so you can stand up and then pick the baby up from the bouncy seat safely. Enjoy the moment!  Making the baby comfortable and enjoying one-on-one time is what it’s all about! Use this time to talk to your baby A big key to a happy baby in the bath is keeping them warm. The warm washcloth on their belly helps us achieve this.Supporting the baby’s head and neck keeps them secure.  Feeling your touch as you wash them will provide comfort and connection. Crying is not failure! Some babies have extra energy to burn off in the evening and may do so at bath time. The acoustics of that small space can amplify those cries and turn a 10 minute bath time into a “quick dip”. Either will do!  Worried about their skin getting dry? At Moms on Call, we head to “tender time” after that bath. Once the diaper is on that clean, fresh smelling angel then we put a little baby lotion on their arms and legs and speak to them with love. It is the sweetest time ever.  Bath time is a time set apart. It can be a time of giggles and relaxation and, occasionally, it can be a cry-fest. The success is in the consistency of being together.  PS: Like this video?  Then you’ll love Moms on Call’s Online Video Courses!  In the courses are bite-sized, value-packed videos broken down by age and development to cover everything you need to know to feed, sleep, laugh and love birth through toddlerhood.  These Online Video Courses are the perfect compliment to Moms on Call’s books, signature swaddle blankets, apps and e-books. 
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