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Empowering Your Parenting Journey: Moms on Call's Essential Books for New Parents At Moms on Call, we're here to walk alongside you and your little one through every laugh, every late-night feeding, and every milestone. From the very first days to those adventurous toddler years, our books, crafted by pediatric nurses and fellow moms Laura Hunter and Jennifer Walker, offer not just advice but a comforting arm around your shoulder. The Moms on Call methodology is provided through our collection of the best books for new parents to help make your parenting journey easier. Starting with "Moms on Call Basic Baby Care for 0-6 Months," we lay the foundation for a happy, healthy start, tackling feeding, sleeping, and care with love and expertise. As your baby develops, "Moms on Call - Next Steps: 6-15 Months" keeps those good habits growing, guiding you through each new milestone with ease. And for those navigating the vibrant toddler years, "Moms on Call - Toddlers: 15 Months-4 Years" turns challenges into chances for growth, with advice as practical as it is heartwarming. Join us on this journey, where every question is met with kindness, every challenge with solutions, and every family with open arms. Behind every Moms on Call book and resource are the experiences and expertise of co-founders Laura Hunter and Jennifer Walker. Both Laura and Jennifer bring over 25 years of pediatric nursing experience to the table alongside their journeys as mothers. Laura, a mother of five, entrepreneur, author, and sought-after infant-care consultant, fuels her work with a passion to inspire and support parents. Jennifer, balancing her roles as a mother of three, entrepreneur, and pediatric nurse, aims to equip parents with practical advice and inspiration. Together, they've created a series of resources, from newborn and infant care to toddler guidance, designed to empower parents through the early years of parenthood with confidence, humor, and wisdom. Explore our collection to find the best books for new parents, ensuring you have the tools and wisdom to support your child's growth and development at every step. Looking for a bit more guidance on this wild ride of parenting? Visit our Moms on Call Knowledge Center, your cozy nook in the vast world of parenting advice. It's where we talk about all things sleep, feeding, routines, and how those precious moments unfold, from the first days with your newborn to the lively toddler years. Join our community, a family that truly understands the highs and lows. With Moms on Call by your side, you'll find the hope, support, and wisdom needed at every step, ensuring you never navigate this journey alone.