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Bye bye guesswork. Find the right products at the right time for your little one’s journey.
The Best Products for New Parents: Shop All From Moms on Call At Moms on Call, we're dedicated to empowering new parents with the practical, easy-to-follow knowledge and products they need to tackle birth through toddlerhood with confidence. With our collection of books and online courses that are tailored for every stage with practical advice and tips, we're all about making things simpler for you as a parent. On our Shop All page, you'll find essential products for new parents that have successfully helped over 1 million families to confidently navigate the first four years. Find essentials like all of the Moms on Call books and online courses, NUK First Essential Bottles for those feeding times, our Moms on Call Swaddle Blanket for restful sleep in the first 3 months, and even the Lectrofan Sound Machine to help everyone get a good night’s rest. Plus, our bundled goodies and gift cards are perfect for sharing the love and care. Dive in and find your new favorites, all backed by the practical guidance that is the heart and soul of the Moms on Call methodology. We're right here with you every step of the way, with everything you need to bring up babies and toddlers with confidence and love. Explore our Shop All page to discover the best products for new parents, all endorsed and used by the experts at Moms on Call. Let us accompany you on this incredible journey, providing everything you need to care for your little one with confidence and love. Looking for more help on your parenting journey? We've got a special spot for you in the Moms on Call Knowledge Center, where parenting gets real. It's all about sleep, feeding, laughter, and those little moments that make up the big picture, from the newborn stage to toddler times. Here, you're part of something bigger—a family that gets the ups and downs. At Moms on Call, we're here to walk alongside you, offering that hope and support every step of the way, making sure you know you're never doing this parenting gig solo.