You made it through the first 6 months, and we couldn’t be more proud! Ready to tackle the next stages? In our 6-15 Month Course, we’ll walk you through changes in feeding, sleep cycles and daily routines. (Did someone say schedule flexibility and 10 to 12-hour sleep stretches?!) You’ll also receive access to our Pep Talk series with a few specific encouragements that all parents deserve to hear—and don’t hear often enough! Plus, new exclusive bonus content is added regularly! All content is available for 12 months after purchase.


6-15 Month Video Course includes:

The Moms On Call Method (33 lessons) including:

  • Feedings
  • Routines
  • Getting everyone sleep
  • Introducing solids
  • Mastering the sippy cup
  • Naps
  • Fun recipes

6-15 Month Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Stopping bottles
  • Falling asleep in car seat
  • Getting rid of the paci
  • Bringing home a new sibling
  • When to move to the high chair
  • Weaning
  • Teething
  • Traveling and time zone changes

Also includes access to:

Pep Talks including:

  • A kind word
  • Your kid is safe and loved
  • The internet spiral
  • Perception is not EVERYTHING
  • Your kid is strong, resilient and adaptable
  • Grace in the chaos
  • Just breathe

Moms on Call Moments:

  • New content added regularly!


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