If you are looking for a sleep miracle, this is it!

  • When done correctly, the Moms on Call swaddle will calm and soothe a fussy baby within minutes.
  • The Moms on Call swaddle technique provides the three essential elements that Pediatric nurses and doctors KNOW have to be in place for babies to rest safely and comfortably:
    • There is plenty of room near the lungs so the baby can breathe comfortably
    • It keeps the arms secure by applying the tightness only around the level of the elbows. (This imitates your warm embrace and keeps the startle reflex from jerking those arms around and waking them up/frustrating them.)
    • It allows the legs to move freely so the hip joints mature properly
  • Flannel Fabric specifically designed to provide exactly the right amount of elasticity.
  • Size will accommodate babies up to 3 months of age and 16 pounds. (That’s great because the startle reflex does not disappear until 3 months of age.)
  • Moms on Call uses our trademarked folding method that actually wraps around the baby and holds the baby’s arms securely in a comfortable position without having to depend on the baby’s body weight or velcro binding to keep the swaddle in place.
  • Available trim colors are Soft Blue, English Rose, Modern White and French Grey. Each color choice is a single blanket order unless otherwise indicated by adjusting the number shown. We recommend having at least two of these soft wonders! (At Moms on Call, we realize that you may already have one large 44X44 inch blanket in a light-weight, muslin fabric. Using the Moms on Call swaddling techniques with a muslin fabric swaddle does not work, the fabric is too stretchy and does not provide the soft, secure magic that our clients rave about. We wish it did, we really do. Our books also outline how to make your own swaddle out of the right flannel fabric if you wish.)
  • Watch this video to learn the proper swaddling technique

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Swaddle Blankets are non-refundable