Swaddle Blanket

A sleep miracle! Enjoy the benefits of being able to swaddle like a pediatric nurse for those first few months as we establish healthy sleep habits right from the start! The Moms on Call Swaddle Blanket and method have been specially designed to provide the essential elements that pediatric experts know must be in place for babies to soothe and rest safely.





"Best swaddle blanket out there!"

I do have 2 of the MOC swaddle blankets! We followed MOC with our oldest child (now almost 3) and he has been a great sleeper since 10 weeks of age. We are so grateful for MOC!! Thank you!

"Effective swaddle blanket, no doubt"

Thank you so much for your awesome resources! We transitioned out of the swaddle at three much, and he never missed a beat! He is a champion sleeper! I have two other little boys as well, but it is so important that we all get enough rest!

Customer Reviews

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My husband and I struggled swaddling our baby boy for the first two weeks and he wouldn’t sleep in the bassinet as a result. After getting this swaddle, I feel like a pro and we are all sleeping better and safely as a result.

Amber Bryant
Swaddle blanket

Absolutely LOVE!! I took this swaddle to the hospital with me and the nurses were so impressed!! They all loved it also! My son adores it!:)

Britney Ravenel
Great swaddle!

Nice large fleece swaddle like they have in the hospitals! Doesn’t slip!!

Julie Schultheis
Swaddle blanket

The blanket and technique were a game changer for us. Made such a huge difference in length and quality of sleep for our little one. Highly recommend this blanket.

Love the MOC swaddle!

I used the swaddle with my daughter when she was first born and it worked like a charm! I knew I had to buy another one for my son on the way. I can’t wait to use MOC methods all over again!

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