Purchase the Complete 3 Book Set and save over $103books

Enjoy the updated, revised and expanded edition of Book One in the Moms on Call series. In this manual you will find essential information in easy-to-read, outline format on the following:

  • Developing amazing sleep habits
  • Feeding Schedules that promote proper digestion
  • Outlines of typical days – with times!
  • Safety checklists
  • Learn about symptoms that would warrant a trip to the Pediatrician
  • Get a list of what two Pediatric nurses keep in their medicine cabinets to avoid a midnight trip to the pharmacy
  • Discover what you should have on hand in preparation for your newborn’s arrival (and what you don’t need)
  • A common Illness section that covers what to do if your baby gets sick and when to call the doctor
  • Plus much more!

Softcover edition for the diaper bag, and ebook editions for easy electronic access.

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