Moms on Call Basic Baby Care: 0-6 months

Everything that modern parents need to know about caring for babies in the first 6 months, including: step-by-step guidelines for getting babies on a routine, hour-by-hour schedules at a glance, symptoms that warrant a trip to the emergency room and feeding instructions for breast, bottle and both!  But, the most popular reason to read this book is to discover how to get your baby to sleep all night so you can too!


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    "We are so thankful for Moms on Call!"

    Wanted to send a thank you for your guidance! Our Harper is a month old and thrives on her MOC routine! My husband and I are able to feel like ourselves with the MOC routine so we are able to be the best parents we can be for our sweetie. We will continue to recommend your books to all our family and friends.

    "Your book was my life raft."

    My mom passed away one month before my second child was born. Then throw in a pandemic, a toddler whose school was closed and was now home all day, and a newborn— I was drowning. I followed the schedules and within a few days I had a happier newborn and I was getting more sleep which made a way happier momma. By 7 weeks he was going from 7pm-5am. Not waking once. I was in SHOCK! I wish I had done this with my first! He’s a healthy and happy amazing boy and I’m a better mom for it. I only wish my mom were here so I could revel in this with her, but thank you again for everything ❤️

    "Thank you for your guidance in parenthood Moms on Call! ❤️"

    My son is 5 weeks old tomorrow and last night he slept 8.5 hours! 🙌 He woke up once around 2:30 and I soothed him back to sleep and then he slept until 6. I owe his success to you. A friend gave us your newborn book and I have read it several times now and my husband and I have had so much success.

    "Thanks again Moms on Call!"

    I am a first time mom. My little guy is 5 weeks old and he is just the happiest chap. I think it's thanks to your excellent schedule! I am a free spirit and didn't see myself abiding to a schedule but when I got discharged from hospital, I needed answers and that's exactly what your book provided! So thank you!

    "MOC's suggested schedules are a life saver!"

    I would just like to say thank you for all of the information provided in the MOC book and online video course. As a new mom, it has provided the structure I’ve needed to feel as close to normal as possible and provided a framework for something as foreign as raising an infant! By following the MOC suggested schedules, our 9 week old has been sleeping from 8pm-7am for a little over a week now 🙌🏻

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    My Favorite Baby Book!

    We used this book basically everyday while our baby was young. I love the schedules and information on common illnesses and health concerns. I recommend this book to every one. We used all three books in the series. We call the books our "Baby User Guides".

    Shane Neal

    Moms on Call Basic Baby Care: 0-6 months

    Hannah B.
    The only book you need

    This is the best practical baby book out there. I give this at every baby shower I attend. And so many mom have told me it just stays out on there dinner table for reference. Thank you moms on call for the best support for family and babies. Also love the apps!

    Carla Lee
    Best baby book

    I literally give this book to mother to be I know as a baby gift...the schedules are EVERYTHING. Got me through two babies...

    Christine Wolfe
    We love moms on call

    This book was a gift. My husband and I have used all 3 books and can’t say enough good things about the advice given.