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Premier Certified Consultants

Moms on Call’s Premier Certified Consultants offer services through Moms on Call’s online scheduling platform. All services booked through Moms on Call’s scheduling platform include exclusive content, product discounts and other services and benefits that are detailed on our Consulting Page. Premier Certified Consultants also receive our ongoing training and updates regarding the Moms on Call standards, methodologies and developments.  Moms on Call also provides ongoing customer service support for customers who book appointments with Premier Certified Consultants.  If you have any questions or concerns related to your Premier Certified Consultant, please contact us at [email protected] so that we can help you.

Alexandra Pereira, RN, BSN, CCRN  |     Becca Davis, RN, MSN   |   Jennifer Walker, CO-Founder, RN, BSN   |   Katie Beth Watters, RN, BSN   |   Kaycee Rountree, RN, BSN, CPN   |   Laura Hunter, MOC Co-Founder, LPN   |   Madeline Johnston, MSN, RN, OCN   |   Natalie McClenahan, RN, BSN   |   Sierah Hicks, RN   |   Sydney Smith, RN, BSN

Independent Certified Consultants

Appointments with Independent Certified Consultants cannot be booked through Mom’s on Call’s online scheduling platform. To get in touch with an Independent Certified Consultant, please email [email protected].

Please note that the services and benefits detailed on are only valid for services booked with Premier Certified Consultants through the scheduling platform. For questions or concerns related to services not booked through the scheduling platform, please contact your Independent Certified Consultant directly. Moms on Call does not provide scheduling or customer service support for Independent Certified Consultants.

April Ayers, RN, BSN   |   Emily Blewett, RN, BSN   |   Kate Arquilla, RN, CPR   |   Katherine Bridges, RN   |   Kelly McLaughlin, RN   |   Lauren Collins, RN   |   Liz Magee, RN, BSN   |   Liz Price, RN   |   Maggie Cunningham, RN   | Megan Tucker, RN, BSN   |   Melissa O’Neill, RN   |   Shelley Presley, RN   | Suzanne Benson, RN, BSN   |   Yani Bryant, RN

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