Behind the Name: How Moms on Call Became the Go-To Resource for Empowering New Parents

Behind the Name: How Moms on Call Became the Go-To Resource for Empowering New Parents

Ah, the mystery of our name at Moms on Call! We've heard the whispers and seen the puzzled looks—does it mean only moms are “on-call”, or are we secretly sidelining the superhero dads? Fear not, for I’m here to spill the beans (or should I say, baby formula?) on why we chose the name "Moms on Call."

The Birth of Moms on Call

Imagine this: Jennifer and I, tackling the turbulent rapids of parenthood with a combined force of 8 kids between us. All the while, we were on-call for a pediatric practice that echoed with more calls than your favorite talk show. Yes, think 100’s of calls a week! This dual-role extravaganza undoubtedly shaped our perspective and laid the foundation for the grand arrival of Moms on Call!

Who’s on-call? Jennifer and I. We were on-call, and we are the dynamic duo behind Moms on Call. Our experiences as moms and on-call warriors fueled the creation of this resourceful haven. So, when you see "Moms on Call," think of us as your go-to mom friends with a direct line to parenting wisdom! Plus, Moms on Call just sounds better than Jennifer and Laura on-call.

The Plot Twist: Moms on Call - Not Just for Moms!

Here comes the plot twist: despite the name, Moms on Call isn't an exclusive moms-only club. We're on a mission to construct a village where moms, dads, grandparents, and every caregiver in between can converge. It’s akin to a parenting potluck, where we all bring our unique flavors of expertise. We're firm believers that we work better together, each one contributing their special recipe to the communal table.

Moms on Call is your ally, here to bolster you on your parenting expedition, no matter where you find yourself on this rollercoaster of child-rearing. Our aim is to create a supportive community that embraces the diversity of caregivers and celebrates the unique strengths each one brings to the parenting table, so whether you're a mom, dad, grandparent, or any caregiver in between, welcome to Moms on Call—where the parenting journey is an adventure best shared!

Bye bye guesswork. Find the right products at the right time for your little one’s journey.

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