Moving Your Baby Up to Moms on Call's 8-16 Week Schedule

Written by: Laura Hunter, LPN & Jennifer Walker, RN, BSN



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Some parents may see moving up in schedules as an obstacle. We are here to help with the adjustment and get you through it in a breeze. One of our most frequently asked questions pertains to the 8-16 week schedule and how to transition to it, as this is a big sleep leap for the baby.

If you follow the Moms on Call 4-8 week schedule, the baby can move up to the 8-16 week schedule between 6-8 weeks of age if healthy and gaining weight!

If you are starting to follow Moms on Call’s typical day schedules and techniques, jump right into the 8-16 week schedule between 6-8 weeks of age (if healthy and gaining weight). Begin with Moms on Call Basics to get the details just right!

Transitioning to the 8-16 week schedule

Signs to look for:

  • Baby is healthy and gaining weight!
  • Middle of the night wakeup is later than usual (closer to 4 am).
  • Nap time begins to shorten, and the baby has more alert/awake time during the day.

Moving up to the 8-16 week schedule means getting the baby to bed earlier. At Moms on Call, we’ve found that sleep does not “shift” -- it expands. So, by getting the baby to bed earlier, they will actually sleep longer! Yay for big sleeping milestones!

Three simple steps for moving up to the 8-16 Week Schedule:

  1. Check and perfect our miracle sleep trick! Watch the swaddle video here to get the swaddle just right and tight, tight, tight!
  2. Follow along in the book and online courses  for help getting your baby closer to that 4am middle of the night feeding.
    • Allow baby 4-6 minutes (this can be extended based on what is best for your family/sanity!) of fussing before you begin the soothing rounds .
  3. Stay confident, and the baby will follow! Keep in mind adjustments typically take 3-5 days.

Is your baby ready to transition to the 8-16 week schedule early?

They are ready when:

  • They are able to stay up about 45-60 minutes from the start of the feeding until nap.
  • They are fussy in the evening or you have difficulty getting them up from the late evening catnap.
  • Nighttime sleep stretches decrease in duration.
  • It suits your household best.

Here are a few tips to help with this "Transitional Routine".

  • They may not be able to stay up the whole time. Starting the nap 15-30 minutes earlier than listed is okay.
  • They may doze for short periods during "Awake" time.
  • You may find you are using your "Grace Periods" more often than not.


  • 7 am Feed
  • 8 am Start the pre-nap routine
  • 8:15 am Down for nap
  • 9:45/10 am Feed

Routines are meant to serve your household with predictability and flexibility. Jump right in; you’ve got this! And remember, our confidence is contagious.

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Co-Founders of Moms on Call

Laura Hunter, LPN and Jennifer Walker, RN, BSN

Co-Founders of Moms on Call, Pediatric Nurses and Moms to 8 kids between them, Laura Hunter and Jennifer Walker created Moms on Call to simplify parenting. Through their books, online courses, podcast and content, they help parents everywhere navigate the first four years with confidence and better sleep.

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