Must Have Baby Items for the First 3 Months

Must Have Baby Items for the First 3 Months

I can’t believe it, but Poppy is already 3 months old! Now that I have been through “the first 3 months” with 3 different babies, I have compiled my “best of the best'' baby items list. Over the past 5 years, I have tried lots of products, at all price points, from influencer recommendations to random Amazon finds and everything in between.

Most of the time, there are multiple great options that will fill your need.

But, for some things, there are specific products that perform above the rest in their categories. So, based on my years of hands-on trial and error, these are the top baby items for the first 3 months that I recommend and gift to family and friends.

Many of these items and other products we recommend for birth through toddlerhood can be found in our Amazon store.

Best Baby Items for Feeding

NUK First Essentials Bottles

The hype and marketing around wide mouth bottles and “breast-like” bottles caught me hook, line and sinker. Bottle-feeding went okay at first and then was met with fussing and refusal.

Munchkin Bottle Warmer

A hidden gem that isn’t fancy but gets the job done. It warms faster than others I’ve tried, cleans easily and is cheap.

Baby Buddha Breast Pump

The smallest and most efficient of the 3 breast pumps that I’ve tried. I love how it can be used with Freemie or Legendairy collection cups to act as a wearable pump similar to much more expensive options with poorer suction strength.

Boppy Nursing Pillow

If breastfeeding, this pillow fits securely around your waist and provides the right amount of cushion for baby as they grow.

Bobbie Formula and Baby Brezza

If using formula, I can’t recommend Bobbie highly enough. It’s the first US-made formula to meet all EU standards and is modeled after breast milk. (As the first formula Moms on Call has ever officially endorsed, they’ve given our clients a special discount. Use code MOMSONCALL10 for 10% off of your order.) And preparing bottles, whether in advance or real-time, could not be easier with the Baby Brezza. Perfectly mixed at the perfect temperature with the touch of a button.

Comfy Cubs Burp Cloths

Absorbent, the perfect size and affordable. You’ll want two or three packs.

Best Baby Items for On-the-Go

Doona Car Seat Stroller

Move from a car seat to a stroller in seconds. I’m no longer lopsided from lugging around an infant car seat on one side and my back has never been happier!

Lectrofan Alpha Travel Sound Machine

The best sound machine for naps on-the-go and travel. One charge lasts 40 hours!

Fisher Price Baby Dome

This has been a game changer for us at the pool this summer. It’s lightweight and folds easily for travel. We attach a fan for added airflow.

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Mini

Small, soft, easy to put on and keeps baby secure. It replicates the close-feeling and comfort of the wrap carriers that I could never get the hang of!

Best Baby Items for Play

Baby Bjorn Bouncer

I love this because it’s so simple, yet so effective. This bouncer is comfortable, letting baby rock themselves naturally. It doesn’t take up much space and folds easily for transport. We take this to friends’ houses and for travel!

Boppy Newborn Lounger

I prefer the Boppy Newborn Lounger to other similar products because it slightly elevates the baby’s head and is small, with a handle, for easy transport.

Nurses’ Choice Newborn Socks

A friend recommended these and they are the only socks I’ve found that will stay on a newborn’s feet.

Best Baby Items for Sleep

Moms on Call Swaddle

Taking the time to learn the technique is 100% worth it. When it’s done correctly, the Moms on Call swaddle is baby ninja-proof so that you can both snooze soundly. (Remember that swaddles should only be used up to 12 weeks of age!)

Lectrofan Classic Sound Machine

My family has gone through more sound machines than I can count. If you walk into our house in the middle of the night, it sounds like a giant wind tunnel. And the type of white noise makes a difference. The Lectrofan Classic has won multiple awards for having the best sound. It also achieves the perfect volume (i.e. loud!).

Bibs Pacis

Not only do they look good, but they work. The bulb shape of the nipple is what helps the baby keep the paci in their mouth.


A travel necessity for the newborn days through toddler years. I wish they made an adult-sized version! (use code MOC for 5% off your purchase)

At Moms on Call, our goal is to cut through the noise and provide you with the clear, straightforward information you need to make the best decisions for your family. I hope that this blog post has helped to cut through some of that noise (and marketing!) and will serve as a helpful reference as you prepare for your very own “first 3 months”.

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