Lectrofan Alpha Travel Sound Machine

Meet your new best friend for travel, the Lectrofan Alpha.  One detail that you see over and over again in our resources is the role white noise plays in a great night’s sleep and daytime naps.  Now you can keep those great sleep habits going while traveling!


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zuzana montagne
A grudging believer

I did not want to buy my daughter a sound machine. I was determined that my daughter would be able to sleep anywhere and through any household noise. A few weeks in to this lost cause, a friend gave me the Moms on Call book and I bought a sound machine and now my formerly fitful sleeper sleeps like a champ. I bought a second machine to keep at my mom's when she babysits. This travel size works great, is compact, and is cheaper than the full-sized model.

Kaeley McNeill
Loving this product, such a sleep game changer!

Got this for my fourth baby, wishing I knew of this sooner, works great at home and on the go. Loud enough easy to charge and great white noise sounds to choose from.

Hilary Grosser
Best travel sound machine for walks!

Swaddled newborn and did one stroller nap a day with this sound machine and it was a lifesaver!

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