Moms on Call's Guide to Traveling with Babies and Toddlers

Written by: Morgan Eddy, CEO of Moms on Call



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Summer is approaching, and we hope you have some fun trips planned! We know all too well how daunting it can be to pack for travel with babies and toddlers, so we’ve set out to simplify and de-stress your packing process.

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We like to use a five-step process when planning what to pack for a vacation. (And yes, we always recommend starting with a list so that you’re more likely to stick to the things you’ll need and avoid packing everything in sight!)

Here is our guide to packing for traveling with babies and toddlers!

Step 1: Consider the different categories of things your little one will need.

  • Clothing
  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Toys
  • Travel
  • Bathing

Step 2: As you go through these activities at home, take note of everything you use.

For example, what are all of the things you use during a feeding session? Keep a running list on your phone.

There will be a lot of stuff, but that’s okay! We’ll help you narrow it down.

Step 3: Is anything already available where you’re headed?

  • Does the friend you’re visiting have a pack n’ play that you can use?
  • Will there be a washing machine and dryer?
  • What’s the sleeping situation? Will your little(s) sleep in the same room as you or each other?
  • Can you rent a crib, stroller, car seat, etc.? (Baby Quip is a great rental service for baby gates, bumpers, car seats, bouncy seats, humidifiers, etc.!)

Make adjustments to your list accordingly.

Step 4: Narrow your traveling list down.

Clothing: Consider the outfits needed for each day versus item quantities. This will help ensure you have complete outfits for all planned activities.

For example, for a beach trip, a day’s worth of outfits may look like this:

  • Daytime: A bathing suit, sun shirt, beach shoes, hat, etc.
  • Post-beach nap: PJs or comfy clothes
  • Dinner: Shorts, shirt, and shoes
  • Nighttime: PJs

Toys: Less is best here. Your littles will be so mesmerized by their new surroundings that their normal toys from home won’t interest them! Bring one designated toy bag or bucket with a handful of key items.

Bathing: Grab travel-size items and ensure you have first-aid items! (See the Quick Grab First Aid Kit list in our 0-6 Month and 6-15 Month books.)

Sleep:  Some incredible compact products help parents recreate home sleep environments on the go without taking up precious cargo space! Our favorites include a Lectrofan Alpha Travel Sound Machine, SlumberPod (use code MOC for 5% off your purchase), and Travel Toddler Bed.


Step 5: Get organized.

Organized packing will help ensure you don’t forget anything, save space, keep track of things, and find things easily upon arrival. We’re huge fans of packing bags within bags! These zippered, water-resistant bags are great for smaller items and come in all different sizes.

Packing cubes are perfect for keeping clothes organized. If you are traveling with multiple kids, each can have their packing cube(s). Plus, these come with a laundry bag, which we also recommended bringing. (You'll be glad you did when you get home and your dirty and clean clothes are separated!)

Now that we’ve removed the guesswork from where to start when packing for travel, sign up to get our travel packing list. It’s an easy checklist of the most common items needed, with space to add your own, that you can reuse for every trip!

CEO of Moms on Call

Morgan Eddy, CEO of Moms on Call

Morgan's journey with Moms on Call began when her first child was born in 2016. She quickly became a huge proponent of the brand which ultimately led to her joining the team as CEO in 2020. As of mom of 3, Morgan has seen first-hand how life changing the Moms on Call method can be and is fortunate to have the opportunity to grow the brand through her role as CEO.

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