Toddler by Design E-Guide

Are you a parent trying to understand why your toddler behaves the way they do? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a roadmap to navigate through their unique personality traits and behaviors? The Toddler by Design E-Guide is here to provide you with just that!

First, take our simple, user-friendly quiz to help you determine your child’s unique design combination. This isn’t just about understanding your child better, but also about learning to parent with more confidence and insight.



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    Helped Me Understand My Toddler

    Disclaimer: I love everything MOC does, and they've made me feel like I can take on ANYTHING! This app unlocked my son's predispositions and helped me to work with him successfully, instead of constantly trying to figure out what he'd respond to on each situation. My son is not 100% clear cut-he's pretty equally a Movement and an Engineer kid- but I still have found the tips for both of those motivators work really well! We ended car seat battles in like 3 days after I knew he was an Engineer, and I can't wait to tackle potty training with their Potty Training by Design resource coupled with knowing his motivators. My recommendation: Buy this app, but also read the MOC Toddler Book to get the most benefit.

    We've got a FREE resource ready to send you that is age-appropriate for where your child is right now.

    Jennifer and Laura

    Parenting with truth and courage

    Embrace the journey. You’re not in this alone.
    Become a MOC Family, and we'll be your voice of hope as you parent out of truth, grace, and love.

    ~Laura & Jennifer