The Moms on Call Toddler Collection

For 15 Months through 4 Years

“If I had known it would go this well after only a week, I would have done this much earlier.”

- Tracy T.

The complete collection of proven, sensible parenting resources for the Toddler years. This collection gives you everything you need to sleep, feed, laugh and love 15 months to 4 years. You will receive:

$89.25 (a 25% savings)

Everything you need to thrive through parenting.

We have 20+ years of pediatric nursing experience, and you are the expert on your child. Together, we make a great team!  Our resources give you the practical advice you can really use during the first four years.

  • Our books are written in easy-to-follow, bullet point formats for quick reference.
  • Our Online Courses bring our books to life. It’s like having a pediatric nurse at your fingertips!

"This information was so informative and helpful, especially at clearing things up I wasn't sure how to deal with and addressing some of the things I currently use that don't seem to work. Thanks for all you do! It is literally making a difference for people across the globe."

- Lizzy

How can Moms On Call help you?


You don’t need a 1,237 internet searches to tell you how to be a good parent, because you already are one!  Moms on Call partners with you as a trusted voice to provide an encouraging and clear way forward with easy-to-follow formats that are accessible anytime, anywhere.


Picky eater? Food thrower? At Moms on Call, we believe that mealtimes are for socializing and relaxing.  We partner with you to take the stress out of feeding, creating a positive atmosphere in which your child will be much more likely to eat well.


Yes, your toddler can fall asleep in their own room and stay asleep in their own room! We'll give you a specific plan to get there.

Time for Yourself

To be the best parents for our children, we need to take care of ourselves.  Moms on Call helps to create space for some much-deserved “me time” every day and even the occasional date night!

Multiple Children

We have 8 kids between us, including two sets of twins! We designed our resources to serve families with multiple children because we know the demands of multiple child households.  So, no matter how many kids you have (or how many you have at a time) we have got you covered.


Let's face it, in parenting, freedom is a planned endeavor.  Which is why Moms on Call provides typical day routines (including times) for every age and stage that takes out the guesswork and follows your child's natural daily rhythms.  We even include “crazy day” guidelines to help keep everyone on track when things inevitably don't go as planned.

"Moms on Call has been the backbone in our household for raising our precious twin boys. I am a registered nurse, and nowhere in my prenatal care or pediatrician visits has the day-to-day advice been so valuable as MOC. I trust you and I thank you."

- Lansdon W. 

The Moms on Call Collection Includes:

No Nonsense Toddlers | Moms On Call

In a world with so much conflicting information, it was truly a breath of fresh air to have a printed, easy-to-read resource with scientifically sound, comforting and confidence boosting practical advice."

— Lauren A.

Be prepared for the 15 months to 4 years with the Moms On Call Toddler book.
  • How to get toddlers to sleep all night, and in their room
  • The one thing that your child needs most but will never tell you, and how to provide it for them
  • Why toddlers misbehave and why you think what you’re doing now isn’t “working”
  • What to say to your toddler to motivate positive behavior
  • Cheat sheets that include:
    • Getting rid of the pacifier
    • The “no” stage
    • Whining and tantrums
    • Sleep and naptime
    • Hitting and biting
    • Putting on their jacket and shoes
    • Going to the grocery store
    • Holding hands across the street
    • Getting into and riding in the car seat
    • Potty training
    • Bringing home a new baby or sibling
This resource also provides combined schedules for multi-child households, so you know what time is best to run errands, when you can get both children happing and how to establish healthy nighttime sleep habits.