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Exhausted? Overwhelmed?
We can help!

The Moms On Call Scheduler App provides parents with peace of mind in the palm of their hand! Discover the joys of predictable routines–according to babies and toddlers natural rhythms–that promote great feeding and sleeping habits. And, because we know life does not always go according to plan, the app includes what to do when your schedule changes. Plus, you can share and print your schedules to keep all your helpers, babysitters and family on the same page.

This app is designed to work in tandem with the Moms On Call Book series.

Carefully Thought-Out and Planned:
  • Schedules from birth to four years of age, PLUS side-by-side, combined schedules for families that have babies AND toddlers in the same household.
  • “Crazy day” button, with one tap, you can see what to do on those crazy days that don’t go according to schedule.
  • For breastfed and/or bottle-fed babies. Works great for babies with GI reflux too!
  • Feeding and sleeping tips from two pediatric nurse moms who have experience with thousands of families across the globe.
Moms on Call Scheduler | Side By Side | Two Child Schedule | Moms on Call

Super easy to use, and clear directions to follow!

Watch this video and see for yourself!

A Complete System:

Together with the Moms on Call book series, babies and toddlers are enjoying routines that promote improved feeding and sleeping habits– which means that families are well rested and less stressed!

Moms on Call App | Crazy Day | Moms on Call Scheduler
  • Set notifications for baby feeding times (how much should they eat and how often? It is all at your fingertips.)
  • Get reminders when it is time to progress to the next schedule and get closer to ALL NIGHT SLEEP with each progressive routine!
  • Tips for getting baby to sleep all night and how long naps and/or awake times should last.
Moms on Call Scheduler App | Age Ranges | Moms on Call
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