why babies, toddlers and you need a routine

Three Reasons Why Babies, Toddlers, and You Need a Routine

If you have heard of Moms on Call, then you know that we are routine oriented. We have the Moms on Call routines starting at 2 weeks of age and going through 4 years of age. Following routines takes the guesswork out of trying to remember what's next from day to day. Let’s face it, trying to figure out when the next nap should be according to “when they last woke up and what their wake window is” can be confusing and requires doing math, and not all of us want to figure out math that seems to change every day!

Why babies, toddlers, and you need a routine.

  1. Predictability: With a routine, everyone knows what to expect and when. Routines are how our bodies tell time. Let’s face it, the only thing that you can predict in life is the unpredictability but, by having a routine, you can always get right back on track with your next feeding.
  2. Consistency: Consistency is important for babies because it helps them learn and understand the world around them. When you establish a consistent feeding, sleeping, and playtime routine, your baby will begin to develop a sense of time and routine. This can help them learn to anticipate and prepare for different activities throughout the day. For example, when they hear the water running for bathtime, it signals that bedtime is coming soon.
  3. Development: Creating great habits with routines can help maintain circadian rhythm. Typically we see that a baby's “24-hour clock” begins to mature by 3-4 months of age. This will allow for longer stretches of sleep and will allow them and you to thrive in the day-to-day realities. Creating time and space for feedings, playtime, exploring, snuggles, and sleep is important for the whole family.

Routines should be flexible.

Of course, it's important to remember that routines should be flexible (within reason). Life with a little one can be unpredictable, and sometimes things won't go according to plan. That's okay! Following your Moms on Call routine will allow you to get back on track when things get a little crazy.

Routines can be a fun and cozy way to create structure and predictability in your child's life. By establishing a consistent routine, you can help your child feel safe, teach them good habits, and create some special memories together, like our bedtime routine that includes that sweet, tender time of connection. So, embrace the power of routine and enjoy the journey of parenting with your little one!

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