What You Actually Need in Your Diaper Bag

Our diaper bags go everywhere with us! Join us for a look inside our diaper bag that won’t give you a backache, including just the essentials for you, baby and toddler.

You asked, we answered. What do you actually need in your diaper bag with baby and toddler?

At Moms on Call, we like to keep it simple. And we definitely don’t need our diaper bag weighing more than our babies! So, we have curated a list to accommodate you, baby and toddler while keeping it to the essentials. If you’re traveling with little one(s) you may need to adjust accordingly depending on how long you will be out. 

Diaper Bag Essentials

  • 1 pack of Diaper Wipes 
  • 4-5 diapers (You will ALWAYS need one or two more than you think!)
  • 1 fold-up, plastic changing pad
  • Small plastic bag for dirty diapers (dog poop bags work great!!)
  • 2 changes of clothes for infants and 1 for Toddlers 
    • 1 sleeper (Be sure to swap these out as they “size up”.) 
    • 1 onesie (Be sure to swap out as they “size up”.)
    • If out for a day of traveling, an extra outfit for the parent is a good idea too (Spit up can be hard to accessorize)!
  • 2 burp cloths
  • 1 gallon size empty zipper storage bag (to contain any outfits or burp cloths that get messy.
  • 1 pair of extra socks 
  • Lightweight blanket 
  • 1 hat 
    • Switch these out for winter and summer. It’s nice to have something to slip on their head to keep them warmer in winter and to keep the sun out of their face in the summer. 
  • Nursing 
    • 2-4 Clean nursing pads
  • Bottles: 
    • Formula 
      • Separate formula into a dispenser to hold the powder.
      • Remember, you always want to add the powder to the water (versus adding the water to the powder). 
    • Breastmilk (stored correctly, insulated bag with an ice pack until ready to use.) 
  • A clean zipper storage baggie that will contain: 
    • 1-2 pacifiers 
    • 1 soft teether 
    • 1 rattle or other toy 
    • Important phone numbers: Poison Control, Pediatrician, Parent’s info and additional emergency contact.
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • 1 digital thermometer 
  • 1 small bottle of infant acetaminophen and Benadryl 
    • Always check with your pediatrician for when to give dosage.
    • Pro tip: Some pediatricians will give you a “dosage” sheet by weight. Ask at your next check up! 
  • 1 small trash bag
  • If you have a toddler also include: 
    • Small first aid kit with band-aids, antibiotic ointment and wound wash
    • Snacks 
    • A small bag of activities: 

We hope this narrows your list and keeps it essential. For more of Moms on Call’s simple, sensible parenting resources from birth through toddlerhood, browse our Knowledge Center. Let us know on @momsoncall what you keep in your diaper bag that’s a must have!

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