NUK First Essentials Bottles


This is how we fix bottle feeding issues at Moms on Call!

We go to the nipple shape that has served babies well for years and is the choice of hospitals from coast to coast. Twenty years of experience partnering with families around sleeping and feeding has taught us a few things, and one of those is that the shape of the NUK First Essentials bottles leads to more bottle feeding success than any other shape. Watch our Online Courses for more details, but if you are struggling — feedings are too messy, taking too long, involve too much wiggling and crying — or you are just looking for the best, most effective bottle system to help your little one navigate both the breast and bottle, this is it. And not only are they BPA free, dishwasher safe, easy to use and effective – they are incredibly budget friendly. Sometimes the most effective thing is the least expensive thing. Hallelujah!

We recommend having 6 of each the 5oz and 9oz bottles on hand so that you’re ready when your baby is. Be sure to also grab some extra latex nipples to refresh your bottles every 3 months!

5oz bottles:

  • Slow flow, silicone nipples with white collars
  • These smaller-sized bottles and nipples are great for the first 2-4 weeks and for preemies. (Jennifer’s 4lb twins loved them!)
  • Start bottles around 2 weeks of age for at least one feeding a day. This promotes familiarity that will serve you in the long run. Whether breast feeding or bottle feeding, the ability to do occasional bottles is a helpful skill.
  • Picking the same feeding time each day will help you to be even more successful!
9oz bottles:
  • Medium flow latex or silicone nipples with blue, pink and white collars.
  • We start 9oz bottles as babies get stronger and bigger. Most of our clients are enjoying these bottles by one month of age and loving it.
  • These bottles work beautifully for breastfed babies, strengthening and training the tongue to land in just the right place.
  • We recommend swapping the silicone nipples for latex nipples. These nipples do not collapse like a breast-shaped nipple which makes it easier for babies to switch between breast and bottle feedings.
  • These bottles are also perfect for exclusively bottle fed babies as they are efficient and the flow follows the natural suck/swallow rhythms that serve that little GI process well.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 oz
Dimensions 1.94 × 2.50 × 8.50 in

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