Moms on Call’s Top Travel Items and Tips

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite travel products and top tips to prepare for any upcoming travel. Keep reading for our favorite (compact) travel items, advice on changing time zones, what to pack and more!

Travel is on the mind. With Spring and Summer right around the corner, many of us are planning getaways with family and friends. Moms on Call has compiled a list of our favorite travel items and tips to simplify travel with your little ones. So, whether you are off to the beach, an exciting theme park, snuggled up in a cabin or planning a stay cation, we’ve got you covered!

A Few of Our Favorites for Travel:

  • Lotus Travel Crib
    • This easy to pack, lightweight play yard is great for travel! It’s small and compact for your vehicle and is designed for an easy carry backpack for airplane travel.
  • SlumberPod
    • For travel, we recommend the SlumberPod (use code MOMSONCALL$20 for $20 off) which fits over most travel cribs and toddler cots to create an optimum black out sleep environment. 
    • Staying in, but room sharing?
      • The new SlumberPod HomeBase, is the FIRST and ONLY patent-pending blackout solution for a full-size crib when used with SlumberPod. Now you can enjoy the sleep benefits AT HOME that you’ve experienced when traveling with SlumberPod.
  • First Aid Kit
    • This is an essential for travel or home! Being prepared especially with littles is a must! And if your little is anything like ours, a bandaid can solve almost any incident.
    • Touch up on what’s important. Refresh your Infant and Child CPR, Choking and First Aid with our Online Course.
    • Also check out Moms on Call’s Medicine cabinet general shopping list for medicines to keep in your travel first aid kit.
  • Portable Infant Seat
    • This is perfect for feeding on the go!
    • It’s comfy and supportive for an upright seat with a wide and sturdy base that lets your baby see and interact with their surroundings (and you). Great for on the go, especially since It folds flat
    • Recommended for baby’s with good head control.
  • Travel Sound Machine
    • We recommend traveling with a white noise machine that is readily accessible in the car and on plane.
    • If you are traveling during typical nap or bed times, turn on white noise during those times to help facilitate rest/sleep.
  • Veer Wagon
    • One of our all-time favorite kid products. At home, this is used as a double stroller. It’s also the perfect beach wagon because it folds flat, can hold up to 170 lbs and its wheels roll easily over the sand.
    • For a full list of our favorite beach products for babies and toddlers take a look at our post on The Essentials for a Beach Trip with Babies and Toddlers.

Moms on Call’s Tips to Prepare:

  • Changing Timezones?
    • Here are 5 tips to calm the chaos and keep your schedule intact (as much as reality allows) while traveling to a new time zone.
  • Pack light
  • Use a rental service
    • Baby Quip , you can use them for baby gate, bumpers, car seat, bouncy seat, humidifier, and more!
  • Sanity Savers
    • Pocket Moms on Call’s Holiday Sanity Savers for quick tips on keeping the schedule intact and your little ones in check! 
    • Toddler parents, this one’s a must! We’ve laid out tips for every child with our SMART Paradigm toddler tips.
  • Tips + Tricks for Keeping Baby (+ Parents) Happy In Flight
    • Marissa Fidler has flown with her baby over 20 times! In this post, Marissa discusses best practices and her favorite baby gear for how to fly (happily!) with your baby.

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