Moms on Call’s Soothing Technique

We know how essential sleep is for your baby (and for you)! So, how can we stretch out sleep time and help baby develop tools while soothing themselves back to sleep?

Our Moms on Call soothing technique works wonders and can transform both naps and nighttime sleep. 

More often than not, there will be days where your baby falls asleep and does not stay asleep.  And that is OKAY.  At Moms on Call we have created resources to equip you and your baby with the tools to make those early days (and all the way through toddlerhood) simpler. 

Although we’d love to be the superheroes our babes need, even superheroes can’t function well if they aren’t sleeping.  So, what do we do when those days of not sleeping turn into weeks? And how can we stretch out sleep time? 

How do we soothe the baby?

Perfect the swaddle (under 3 months of age)

  • We cannot express this enough.  This makes all the difference in the world! 
  • The Moms on Call swaddle technique and blanket (which is specific to the technique) for babies under 3 months of age gets the swaddle just right and tight in all the right places to provide that snug environment the baby loves.  Watch this video to learn our proven swaddle technique!

The Baby Ferris Wheel

  • When a baby under 3 months is swaddled, we can employ this movement for impressive (some may say miraculous) results.  It is great for getting babies down for a nap and settling them right before nighttime sleep. Check out the video at the bottom of this post for an example of this miracle worker!

Sleep Cycles

Fun Fact: Because of their sleep cycles, babies typically wake in the following increments:

  • 30-40 mins into naptime
  • Every 2-3 hours in nighttime 

The great news is that there is another stretch of sleep in them! They are just experiencing something called “Twilight Sleep”.  This is when the baby becomes more alert during their sleep cycles and often wakes themselves.

So, when do we soothe?

  • Two weeks to three months of age 
  • If the baby has cried consistently for 5 minutes (or whatever amount of time you are comfortable with), then use the following soothing sequence:  
    • Check your swaddle and re-swaddle or adjust as needed.
    • Shush and rub their belly or gently jiggle.
    • Give them their paci. 
    • Get out, and give the baby a few minutes to soothe themselves. 
    • Repeat 2 more times, giving the baby their space each time.
    • If we make it to the third time, go ahead and feed.
  • Go into the baby’s room with as minimal light and distraction as possible and get back out quickly (and safely) to help them learn to put themselves back to sleep.

Here is the best part!

  • These soothing techniques may not fall back to back, so babies are often falling asleep in between soothes and stretching out their sleep. 
  • In the meantime, they are developing tools to get themselves back to sleep. We call this a PARENTING WIN!  Grab your cape because you just did some real wonder! 
  • Laura and Jennifer take you through this soothing technique step-by-step in our Baby Basics Soothing Video

If you didn’t feel those superhero vibes before, you will now! And before you know it all your friends will be asking for your secret to success. To maintain superhero status, be sure to keep up with Moms on Call’s blogs and resources, designed to encourage parents while walking them through the essentials from birth to toddlerhood.

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