I Am the Parent

Did you know that toddlers are often looking for guidance by testing their limits?! WE are the parents, WE make the decisions and WE have got this! Read more for help on rounding out that confidence, setting up positive intentions and nipping unwanted behavior in the bud.

Parenting a toddler has its difficulties and, in case you haven’t heard it lately, you are killin’ this whole parenting thing! Look in the mirror and remind yourself, “I’ve got this”. Because you do. 

The modernization of parenting is unlike all year’s past. In this day and age, we grab tips from online or look to social to find the answers we so desperately need. When in reality, we have the confidence to trust our gut. Moms on Call is here to help round out that confidence. Because if you haven’t noticed yet, our sweet rambunctious toddlers are looking for the answers by testing our limits.

WE are the parents, WE make the decisions and We have got this. 

So, let’s say it together! 

I AM THE PARENT. I know, I know it’s a little odd to talk to yourself but before you know it, this will be your reprise. It may not always be out loud, but in the moment you’re chasing your toddler in the grocery store, remember “I am the parent” and show your little that confidence, and they will follow your lead. That’s all this whole parenting thing is, a game of “follow the leader”. You are an example of what they should be doing. When you’re sitting at dinner and your little decides throwing peas is a good idea, we show them the RIGHT way to eat peas, and remind them they will be great at it. DO IT and they will watch and follow. 

We’ve found ourselves giving our toddlers choices. When in reality, they need simple and clear direction. Try removing “OK” at the end of direction and adding “You will be great at it!” 

My three-year-old now adds this to everything she does! (Y’ALL, IT REALLY WORKS!) Now I find myself saying “We’re putting on our jacket and we’re… (she jumps in) “Gonna be great at it!” This positivity flows from us to them, and how can we have a bad day when we are setting up such wonderful (positive) intentions?!

Let’s break it down:

  • What is happening that needs to change?
    • Let’s use the grocery store example. 
  • What are we going to do about it?
    • Throw on Confident Face. 
    • Give direction in a positive way. “We are not going to run around the grocery store, we ARE going to sit in the cart, and you will be great at it!”
    • We know we have a “movement” toddler that thinks running free is fun! (And it can be in a safe place, but running from us in the grocery store is not fun for us, and not safe for them.) 
  • Nip it in the bud!
    • Before getting out of the car, we set the above intention of how this will go.

We are in control of how we present life to our toddlers, and now we’ve got the confidence to do so.

Remember, nobody is perfect, and certainly not toddlers. I know I make mistakes, so they probably will also. You’ve got this! Say it with me one more time, “I AM THE PARENT!”

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