summer sleep tips

Summer Sleep Tips

Summer is here and many changes to our family’s rhythm come with it. With no school, less structure, more events to attend, and longer days, our nighttime sleep can often get thrown off. And we know how difficult it can be for our littles to get some Zzzs while the sun is still out. At Moms on Call, we've got you covered. Keep reading for our "Summer Sleep" tips to have you thriving (not just surviving) through summer!

  • Consistency is key!
    • Having a few key markers in the day creates familiarity for our little ones.
    • Stick to the schedule as much as life allows!
  • Set realistic expectations!
    • Especially for those daytime naps!
      • This may mean letting your little one hang out and roll with the punches.
      • If you are out and about, little can nap in the stroller.
      • Providing time to see new things is important! You can do this while still getting a little rest in too.
  • Use the "Crazy Day" times!
    • Moms on Call parents are used to seeing “C” times in our schedules!
    • This is specifically for these Crazy Days.
      • Hit your “C” times, and create consistency when nothing else seems to be normal.
      • Keeping these key few times in place each day can make a world of difference!
    • You can locate the “C” times both in the Moms on Call book, the Scheduler App, and the printable schedules in our Online Courses.
    • Remember it is OKAY to have an occasional late dinner/night-time routine for family activities and date nights.
  • Visiting Friends and Family
    • When visiting with family or friends it is OKAY to stay out a little late.
    • With the younger ones, give them their bedtime feeding at the normal time, then lay them down: in a pack n’ play.
      • We recommend using the SlumberPod, too (use code MOC for 5% off your purchase), which fits over most travel cribs and toddler cots to create an optimal black-out sleep environment.
        • It’s portable, lightweight, and compact.
        • Easily fits inside carry-on luggage and weighs only 5lbs
        • Comes with its own travel bag
    • Didn’t bring a pack n’ play, or they’re enjoying the fun? Another option is to let them hang out! Yup, you read that right! No need to miss out on the fun.
      • When you return home, offer a snack feeding and keep the bedtime routine quick and simple.
  • Extend tons of grace!
    • Your little one's behavior is NOT an indication of your parenting skills or self worth!
    • Taking time to connect with friends and family is just as important!
    • Keep in mind, kids misbehave or are unpredictable at times and that is OKAY

Looking for more? Check out one of our recent blogs "Moms on Call’s Guide to Packing for Traveling with Babies and Toddlers". Moms on Call has many resources, tips and tricks to help keep your life steady and stress free. The Online Video Courses and books cover everything you need to know including feeding, sleeping, typical day schedules, FAQs and so much more!

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