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The Top 5 Questions About Babies at 4 Weeks

We had so much fun putting together the list of the 5 most common questions we receive about babies at 4 weeks of age! Those first 4 weeks with baby are some of the most memorable moments. The whirlwind of bringing home a new baby is finally settling into a more manageable daily routine. If you are still feeling tired or somewhat overwhelmed, know it is normal and Moms on Call is here to help! You can find our basic baby care (including our famous typical day routines) in both book and online course formats. Our free MOC Basics videos are also great for quick overviews or refreshers!

The Top 5 Questions About Babies at 4 Weeks

  1. How often should we do tummy time?
    • Shoot for at least 3-4 sessions of tummy time a day, lasting 5-10 minutes each.
    • Do tummy time even when baby seems fussy. If they are going to be fussy, they might as well meet a developmental milestone while they are at it! Frustration is a great motivator (in realistic increments).
  2. When will my baby sleep for longer stretches?
    • If they aren’t quite there, double check your swaddle, and make sure it is tight, tight, tight. MOC has developed a specially designed swaddle blanket and method that help you get swaddling just right!
  3. How long should feedings be?
    • Feedings should last no longer than 30 minutes.
    • Breastfeeding: You may notice a decrease in feeding time as baby gets older. This does not mean supply is down, baby is just becoming more efficient.
    • Bottle Feeding: Make sure to increase the amount by ½ ounce if baby is sucking a bottle dry for two feedings in a row.
    • Babies need 24-32 oz a day until 1 year of age.
  4. How far can my 4 week old baby see?
    • Fun Fact: Newborn vision is equivalent to the large E on the eye chart!
  5. What can I do with the extra time my baby is awake during the day?
    • At this age, we notice more awake time. Here’s an idea for how you can break up their awake time:
      • 5-10 minutes of tummy time
      • 5-10 minutes on the activity mat
      • 5-10 minutes of snuggling, loving, reading, singing, etc.

At MOC we are here to support you through all the essentials and your typical day-to-day routines during your newborn and toddler years.

Our most comprehensive offerings are our online courses, where Jennifer and Laura walk you through each stage of your parenting journey. Online course members also get access to regular new content, like our MOC Moments series! The online courses are designed to perfectly compliment and be used with our books.

We hope you found our top 5 FAQS helpful and remember, you’ve got this!

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