Moms On Call was founded in 2003 by pediatric nurses Laura Hunter and Jennifer Walker to provide sensible, easy-to follow advice for parents navigating the first four years. With more than 20 years of pediatric experience, plus eight kids between them, Laura and Jennifer understand firsthand the everyday moments that can so easily overwhelm parents. What began as a folder of print-out advice has since grown to a collection of resources including three books, three online video courses, two apps and a network of 20+ certified consultants. Since 2003, MOC has helped nearly 200,000 parents across the globe to better understand their babies and enjoy the parenting process.

The Moms On Call Story

The Moms On Call Story

From Laura and Jennifer:

“Every day as pediatric nurses, we used to take after-hours patient calls for a busy pediatric practice in Atlanta, meaning if any of the 9,000 patients had a question at night or on weekends, we got paged. For years, we answered questions from concerned parents—often the same questions, repeated over and over again. We decided it was time to give parents a simple and easy-to-follow guide addressing their most common curiosities and concerns.”

In 2003, we began going into parents’ homes to provide 2-hour consultations covering the most frequently asked infant care questions. The parents loved it! Together, we developed a packet of information for these parents so they would have a reference guide outlining practical advice and techniques for infant care. That was a big hit as well, but the biggest surprise was the overwhelming popularity of the nighttime routine! When going into homes, one of the resounding challenges we heard was infants not sleeping through the night. What happened next is the start of an amazing journey, rooted in the simple mantra of “serving families.”

Apparently, when you give of yourself and provide parents with information they really need, they give back. Many of these happy families wanted to send our materials to friends and loved ones in other areas of the U.S. Their surprising (and vocal!) demand is what encouraged us to  make these materials available on a broader scale.

It was both exciting and very challenging. In addition to taking calls at night and on weekends, we also have eight children between us, including two sets of twins. We kept asking ourselves, “When are we going to have time to write a book?!” But every time a pleased parent called or wrote to say how much they appreciated our help, we knew we had to make time.

We wrote instead of slept. Our husbands often came home to find that we made calls instead of dinners. We planned, we wrote, we prayed continually and we clung to our faith.

Moms On Call Today

Laura, Jennifer, and Baby - Moms on Call

Over the next 15 years, Moms On Call evolved from a simple, word-of-mouth “method” delivered by us personally, to:


Today, MOC continues its goal to serve families all over the world, meeting them where they are and delivering our methodology and content in ways that work for today’s families. God has put it on our hearts to inspire and encourage you on the tumultuous and amazing parenting journey, so know today we are praying for you to have greater wisdom and understanding and to fully enjoy raising your little ones.

Moms On Call is not perfect, our materials are not perfect, that is why we constantly cling to what is perfect…God and God alone. Now, you do not have to be Christian to use our materials. These materials meet everyday needs. Yet, God has put so much more on our hearts to inspire and encourage you.  So, know today, that we are living out the tumultuous and amazing journey of parenting, and we are praying for greater wisdom and understanding so we can leave a legacy of hope.