Moms On Call was founded by two pediatric nurse-moms with more than 20 years of pediatric experience, not to mention their eight children – including two sets of twin boys!  Laura Hunter and Jennifer Walker have been there and know what moms worry about, which is why they desire to provide advice that is easy-to-follow, positive and empowers parents with the confidence that they “can do this.”  Laura and Jennifer started serving local families in the greater Atlanta area with in-home parenting consultations from birth to 4 years of age. And now, by combining technology, common sense and a passion for families, Laura and Jennifer, along with their certified consultants, have supported and partnered with parents all over the globe.

The Moms On Call Story

The Moms On Call Story

From Laura and Jennifer:

“Every day as pediatric nurses, we used to take after hour calls for a busy pediatric practice in Atlanta, Georgia. Which means if any of the 9,000 patients had a question after hours or on weekends, we got paged. For years, we answered questions from concerned parents, and the same concerns were repeated over and over again. We decided it was time to give parents a simple and easy-to-follow guide for their top questions.”

In 2003 Laura began going into parents’ homes and doing a 2-hour consultation covering the most popular infant care issues. The parents loved it! Together, Laura and Jennifer developed a packet of information for these parents, so they would have a reference guide to proper infant care techniques. That was a big hit as well, but the biggest surprise was the popularity and effectiveness of the nighttime routine! When Laura went into these homes, one of the resounding difficulties these parents faced was infants not sleeping through the night. What happened next is the start of an amazing story, all with a simple mantra of “serving families.”

Apparently, when you give of yourself, and provide parents with information that they really need, parents give back. Many of these happy families wanted to send our materials to friends and loved ones in other areas of the U.S. They practically demanded that we make these materials available on a broader scale. Now, let me tell you that Laura is the mother of five children (including twin boys). I am the mother of three boys (including twins as well). We take call at night and on weekends, and we take care of the kids all day. We do not have nannies, night nurses and oh heck, we rarely have the occasional babysitter! “When are we going to have time to write a book?” We asked ourselves repeatedly. But every night we were on call and every day that pleased parents called or wrote to say how much they appreciated our help, we knew we would have to make time. Laura and I wrote instead of slept. Our husbands often came home to find that we made calls instead of dinners. We planned, we wrote, we prayed continually.

Moms On Call Today

Laura, Jennifer, and Baby - Moms on Call

Over the course of the next 15 years, Moms On Call has grown and evolved from a simple, word-of-mouth “method” delivered by personal consultations to:

  • A three-book series that has been more popular than we ever imagined selling more than 175,000 books!
  • The most wonderful group of moms and nurses joined our network of trained and certified consultants that serve families globally using the Moms On Call methods.
  • We recently completed a redo of our comprehensive online courses to be able to be face to face with parents and provide video instruction and realistic answers to frequently asked questions for those unable to have a personal consultation.
  • Making parenting more convenient by providing a Moms On Call reference schedule in your pocket and helping parents to figure out what makes toddlers tick (and behave a bit more often) with two apps, that provide complementary components for Moms On Call families.


Today, Moms On Call continues its goal to serve families all over the world, meeting them where they are and delivering our methodology and content in ways that work for today’s families.

Moms On Call is not perfect, our materials are not perfect, that is why we constantly cling to what is perfect…God and God alone. Now, you do not have to be Christian to use our materials. These materials meet everyday needs. Yet, God has put so much more on our hearts to inspire and encourage you.  So, know today, that we are living out the tumultuous and amazing journey of parenting, and we are praying for greater wisdom and understanding so we can leave a legacy of hope.