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Moms on Call’s Podcast, 1 Year in Review

In honor of our one year anniversary of "The Moms on Call Podcast", we are bringing you a list of our "Most Listened to" Podcast episodes over the year!

Based on total downloads since release of each of the below episodes, here are our Top 10 (Complete with description)!

1. Episode 3, The First 4 Weeks

  • This episode includes:
    • What you can expect in the first 4 weeks of bringing a baby home.
    • 3 sleep tips for babies under 12 weeks and when can you start implementing effective, purposeful routines with a newborn.
  • Your questions answered:
    • How do I get my 3 year old to eat?
    • My toddler does great with potty training during the day and has no accidents but usually has accidents at night. What should I do?
    • How can I get my toddler to settle down toward bedtime? She has the hardest time falling asleep.

2. Episode 26, Sleep All Night

  • This episode is all about sleep and keeping our little ones safe. It includes:
    • How we get infants under 12 weeks of age to sleep through the night.
    • The easiest and quickest way to learn CPR.
    • A life hack that involves Poison Control.
    • How a soccer game took an unexpected turn for a mom and her toddler.
  • Your questions answered:
    • If my 3 week old sleeps past 2am, should I wake him to feed?
    • How do I increase the amount my baby is taking from a bottle?
    • If my 4 month old is not starting solids yet, which schedule do I use?
    • What do I do when my 8 week old wakes at 5am?
    • How do we stop playing paci pong in the middle of the night?

3. Episode 4, Why Sleep Regression Shouldn’t Scare You

  • This episode includes:
    • How much spit up is too much spit up?
    • Why the “scary” things parents hear about (terrible twos, sleep regression, speech explosion) are actually good things!
  • Your questions answered:
    • How do I get my 7-year-old out of pull-ups before he goes to camp?
    • What is the key to keeping my kids in their own beds at night?
    • How do you keep sleep routines when your kids are sick?

4. Episode 2, How to Roadtrip and Not Leave Anyone Behind

  • With summer just around the corner this one deserves another listen! On this podcast we discuss:
    • How to vacation with your kids and feel more like you’re actually on vacation!
    • Finding the best routine for your family.
  • Your questions answered:
    • How do I get multiple kids on a sleep schedule without one waking up the others?
    • When do you quit the pacifier?
    • How do I get my 2-year-old to use the potty?

5. Episode 5, Dad's Are Not Idiots

  • This episode includes:
    • A tribute to dads and families! An episode about father figures and ways to invest in your kids’ lives when you don’t share the same passions.
  • Your questions answered:
    • What’s the importance of waking my newborn up at specific times during the day and is it good for them?
    • How can I help my kid nap with a cranial helment on?
    • How do I keep my 3 month old awake when they’re supposed to be awake?

6. Episode 8 - The Myths of Moms on Call

  • Join us as we dispel some of the biggest Moms on Call Myths and explain why the size of the pacifier bulb matters.
  • Your questions answered:
    • How do I handle short naps?
    • How can I tell when it’s time for my 13 month old to drop a nap?
    • My toddler is having trouble falling asleep lately. Why and what can we do?

7. Episode 12, Daycare Do's

  • Transitioning to daycare can be difficult, in this episode the Moms discuss:
    • The importance of choosing a daycare.
    • Tips for starting daycare and the simple things you can do to keep schedules (and your sanity) intact.
    • One of Jen’s biggest parenting fails and what it ended up teaching her.
    • The best way to respond when your toddler (or big kid!) says “I don’t want to”.
  • Your questions answered:
    • What are the safest ways to do tummy time?
    • How do I get my toddler to sleep and stay in her big girl bed by herself?
    • How do I know when it’s time to drop the swaddle and what are your recommendations for helping that transition?

8. Episode 16, Potty Training

  • Every parent is going to have to do it, and no two kids will potty train exactly the same way!
  • This episode includes:
    • Potty training and how to successfully do it!
    • Here’s a peek at what you’ll take away:
      • Your kid will not go to college in diapers.
      • Understanding your toddler’s SMART design and what motivates them will help customize and take the stress out of potty training.
      • How to handle naps and night times when potty training.
  • Your questions answered:
    • How do I make it to the next feed time when naps end early?
    • My 1 year old has all of the sudden started waking up really early in the morning; what’s going on and what should I do?
    • How do I increase awake time for my 10 week old?

9. Episode 1, Get To Know the Moms on Call

  • In this introductory episode, Laura and Jennifer share the story of how they went from on-call pediatric nurses to best-selling authors, world-famous for helping babies to sleep through the night by just 12 weeks old!
  • Did you know that a Grammy-award winning superstar gave them the push they needed to get started?
    • Take a listen to find out who!

10. Episode 15, The Days Are Long and the Years Are Short

  • This episode is about investing in your family, including how to remove all of the noise so that you can make the most of these short years! You’re going to love this week’s podcast.
  • Here’s a glimpse at what we discuss:
    • The importance of surrounding yourself with people who share the same values and are invested in your family.
    • Not being afraid to let people see your reality, and make sure you are using the power of ‘no’ so that you are able to enjoy the power of ‘yes.’
    • You’re allowed to have tough days and tough weeks.
  • Your questions answered:
    • What do I do if breastfeeding is taking much longer than bottle feeding?
    • How do you turn a catnap into a longer nap?
    • Are there any tricks to getting a little one to fall asleep faster?

We hope you enjoyed this look back into our "Most Listened to" Podcast episodes throughout the year. In true Moms on Call fashion, our top podcasts are related to sleep and day-to-day life with your little! From our schedules to travel and everything in between, we've got you covered. You can find more episodes and descriptions here in the Moms on Call's Knowledge Center.

Season Two of The Moms on Call Podcast is full of short and sweet episodes, full of trusted information from pediatric experts. If you have anything you want to ask, please leave us a message at 888-234-7979.

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