How to Stay on Schedule with 30 Minute Naps

Written by: Laura Hunter, LPN & Jennifer Walker, RN, BSN



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Are you struggling to keep your little one on the Moms on Call routine because of those short 30-minute naps? You're not alone! We know how frustrating it can be when your baby's naps don't quite align with the schedule.

Here are our helpful tips to keep you on track even with those 30-minute naps.

  1. Keep your feed times in place. You have a 15-minute grace period on either side of the times listed on your routine.
  2. Adjust the start of your pre-nap routine.  Typically, you are starting that pre-nap routine about 15 minutes before you put your baby down for their nap. Try keeping them up a bit longer before starting that sweet wind down time.
  3. Look at the sleep environment for naps. If under 12 weeks, look at the type of swaddle / swaddling technique. Which sound machine are you using? Consistent sleep location at least twice a day if possible.
  4. Know what a normal sleep cycle during naps looks like.  In a normal sleep cycle, it should take 10-20 minutes to fall asleep. Sleep for 30-45 minutes. They may wake and fuss, cry, whine, talk, roll around for 20 minutes, then doze on and off for 30 minutes. If they don't fall back asleep, you may go in and soothe them every 5-10 minutes until you are within 30 minutes of the next feeding time. Then, have low-key snuggle time or supervised tummy time (always remove the swaddle). Feed once you are within 15 minutes of the feed time.

While dealing with short naps can be challenging, staying on the Moms on Call routine is still possible. Remember to keep your feeding times consistent and make adjustments to the pre-nap routine. Take a close look at the sleep environment and understand what a normal sleep cycle looks like.

With patience, perseverance, and a touch of flexibility, you'll be better equipped to navigate those 30-minute naps like a pro. Happy parenting!

Here is the reality of short naps, parents!

We cannot "make" our little one’s sleep. Having these few things in place and controlling what we can control (routine and environment) will give them the best chance to get a good nap or two in the day! Finally, the good news is we typically see some improvements in short naps once they are unswaddled and rolling easily between 5-6 months of age. You've got this!!

Moms on Call has helped thousands of families (and counting) get the much-needed sleep they deserve! Follow along with our method to great sleep by 12 weeks of age (and beyond)! For more tips with short naps from Moms on Call, check out our free resources and type "short naps" in our Knowledge Center for all things baby through toddler!

Need more support with 30-minute naps?

With each and every  Moms on Call   Consulting experience, we have one goal in mind— to equip you with the confidence you need to become the best parent possible for your child. We are proud to partner with Certified Consultants who are uniquely trained to work with families utilizing the Moms on Call philosophy. All consultants are licensed nurses with pediatric experience who have used Moms on Call within their own homes.  Book your personal consultation with one of our Premier Certified Moms on Call Consultants!  to get help with 30-minute naps.

Co-Founders of Moms on Call

Laura Hunter, LPN and Jennifer Walker, RN, BSN

Co-Founders of Moms on Call, Pediatric Nurses and Moms to 8 kids between them, Laura Hunter and Jennifer Walker created Moms on Call to simplify parenting. Through their books, online courses, podcast and content, they help parents everywhere navigate the first four years with confidence and better sleep.

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