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One detail you will see over and over again in our resources is white noise. This plays a big role in night time AND nap time sleep for our littles. Lean about our favorite sound machine and get answers to your most common white noise questions.

Written by Moms on Call

One detail you will see over and over again in our resources is the role that white noise from sound machines plays in a great night’s sleep and daytime naps.  Below we explain the importance of white noise and show you our favorite sound machines for home and travel, the LectroFan Classic and Alpha!

So, why is it so important? 

Imagine going from the noise of a loud subway to everyone tip toeing around you, literally. It’s almost silly to think we’re trying to hush the household to get baby to sleep, when what they really need is the relaxing familiarity of the sound of the womb (with normal household noise in the background). 

In reality, our tummies are loud and baby is used to the sound of white noise from the womb, which is  amplified by the amniotic fluid. Playing white noise creates a familiar and calm environment for baby. 

Our favorite realization was during a college football game. A great, unexpected play in the final seconds resulted in the fans literally filling the stadium with a roar of cheering that was unforgettable. I like to think of the white noise as that sound, the sound of a hundred thousand cheers of support for this little one every time they close their eyes. 

Give me the details!

The white noise is on all night and through naps and must be loud enough for you to be able to hear clearly from the other side of a closed door. 

Place it approximately two feet from the head of the crib, level with the mattress and on a safe surface outside the crib. 

What’s the trick? 

White noise is only white noise, not lullabies or ocean waves, nothing that makes the brain have to process. The brain can process or sleep; so white noise is the choice for sleep times.  Lullabies are great for playtime and that sweet time right before bed that we like to call “tender time”. In short, we are providing what relaxes the brain, not what stimulates it. 

Not all white noise is created equal. Want to know what we have found to be one of the keys to creating successful sleep habits thousands of times over? 

There is a science to it! LectroFan has engineered the perfect white noise variations and we are proud to now offer them to Moms on Call families!

LectroFan has found a way to have a muted white noise that does not have the loops playing the same sound again and again that some other sound machines have. Our favorite variations are the pink and brown noises!

LectroFans are designed with a wide range of soft to very loud volume, 10 white noise sounds and clear speaker quality. Their compact design is perfect for any nightstand or dresser. With pin point volume control it creates a steady noise with no high pitch to it.  Plus, these sound machines are built to last so you don’t have to worry about them breaking at 2am!

LectroFan and Moms on Call have you covered for travel too.  When you have a nap on the go, or are heading out of town, the LectroFan Alpha is the small wonder that you can take anywhere with, USB charging and up to 40 hours play per charge!

Will my baby get addicted to it?

Babies learn by association and routine. So, we are using the ways that they learn to send consistent messages. This is what sleep looks like, feels like and sounds like. Once we have everything in place, and great nights of sleep are well established, we can turn down the white noise a little every night and only bring it out if we need to reset after illness or vacation. But you may just find that you like it so much you want one for your room too!

Is there more? 

Yes, so much more, and it all works together. What we like to say is that we can control what we can control (the sleep environment and the routine) to set our kids up for success.  White noise is one of those details that we can control. Follow our blog and check out our resources for getting all the details to help babies (and toddlers!) establish great sleep habits. 

Take a look at our review of the LectroFan Alpha to see why we love it so much!

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