helping your toddler sleep in their bed

Helping Your Toddler Sleep in Their Bed

We have a hard time believing that our toddlers can sleep almost anywhere. When we make a non-optional sleep environment, safe in their room with a bed available, they can sleep there or choose to sleep on the floor without a blanket, bottom up in the air, or head in the corner.

Creating a Safe Sleep Environment

Our job is to create a safe sleep environment, and it is their job to sleep. We cannot do their job. All we have to do is our job, stay out of the way, and address whatever went on in that room in the morning. If your toddler fell asleep on the floor in the morning, then we casually mention (with a confident face), “You did not have to sleep on the floor when you have the comfy bed available. You’ll figure it out.” Then, we move on with our day. This is how we make their sleep environment their choice.

Our confidence is contagious, and they will figure it out. Just keep it up a few mornings in a row. No discussion. Do not look worried about it—just that simple phrase with confidence.

If your little one falls asleep without a blanket, then in the morning, we walk in confidently and say, “Wow, you did not have to sleep over here without a covering when there was one on the bed. You’ll figure it out."

What we are doing is giving our toddlers the tools to use to be able to get themselves to sleep, navigate their sleep environment, and have a sense of accomplishment.

We do our job; they will do theirs. And if the challenge has you exhausted and overwhelmed and feels more complicated, contact one of our Moms on Call trained consultants who can personalize, support, and help you get out of the unsustainable routine that has disrupted nighttime. We’ll get you back on track.

You do not have to do this alone. Parents are the best ones to decide how to handle nighttime sleep. You can be a good parent and love your child whether or not you follow the above guidelines. We know that you love your toddlers! Naturally, you want what is best for them, and we know the principles outlined above really work.

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