getting dressed with babies and toddlers

Getting Dressed with Babies and Toddlers

Changing your little one's outfits doesn't have to be a wrestling match! The questions we typically get in regard to clothes are:

  1. What should my baby be wearing? How do I dress for the weather?
  2. What should my baby be sleeping in?
  3. How can I dress my toddler in the morning without breaking a sweat?

Keep reading for Moms on Call's approach to all of these questions and more. You will also want to check out our podcast episode about this very same topic!

Let's start with the basics for babies!



There are two things to look for to make your life and diaper changes simpler!

  • Snaps underneath the diaper.
  • Envelope Necklines!
    • Those cute little necklines aren't just for looks!! They are made to pull down instead of over the baby's head when the baby has a blowout.
  • Changing your little one's diaper can be a challenge! Especially with a blowout, their little hands will find their way right into the mess! Check out this diaper-changing hack, where you take the snaps on the onesie, pull it up, and snap it over their shoulder where their arms are tucked in. It keeps them so nice and cozy and their hands out of the way!

Footed Pajamas

Little ones have a way of wiggling their way out of anything. There's nothing worse than when they wriggle their toes up and slip out of the feet of their footed pajamas. We've got a hack just for that!

  • If you put the sock on first and then put their foot in the footed PJ and then zip it up, they're more likely to keep those feet right where they belong.

So, on those days when you are unsure of how many layers your little one needs, look at what you are wearing and mirror it! Typically what you are comfortable wearing (layer-wise), they will be too! If you have a light coat, the baby should too. And we recommend erring on the side of chilly and throwing an extra swaddle in the bag, just in case!

Toddler Time

Toddlers take getting dressed in the AM to a whole new level! So, how can we make mornings manageable while still letting your little ones express themselves?

  1. Routine, Routine, Routine!!
    • Keep your morning routine consistent, and stick with it!
  2. Do we give them a choice?
    • Short answer: yes!
    • Right around 3.5 to 4 years of age:
      • We give them two outfits to choose from and a time limit.
      • So, we may say, "Here are two outfits, you choose one. I'm going to make your lunch, and when I come back, let me know which one you've picked." And that's that!
      • If they are still deciding when you return, YOU choose and tell them they can try again tomorrow.

Realistically, if your little one shows up to school or daycare as a superhero or princess, they will still thrive, and it will be okay! So, don't stress, have fun and stay confident!! You've got this!

Follow along with Moms on Call for many more techniques we share and teach in our books and online courses. This is just a glimpse of tips and tools we offer to help you thrive through parenting, not just survive it.

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