Each video is like having a pediatric nurse (who believes in you!) at your fingertips. We’ll walk with you step by step through each stage of the parenting journey, from 0-6 months, 6-15 months and toddlerhood.

In our bite-sized, value-packed videos, we’ll coach you through schedule transitions and developmental milestones, all while addressing the most common questions, topics and concerns that we’ve heard in our 20+ years of pediatric (and parenting) experience. Plus, you’ll save over 75% compared to a one-on-one personal consultation (our premier offering).

You’re already a great parent—we’re here to help you better understand your little one and enjoy the parenting process with practical advice that really works!

Enjoy a few free resources from us!

We’ve got a FREE resource ready to send you that is age-appropriate for where your child is right now.

Stuff everyone says when you’re pregnant (and why it’s not true!)


How to swaddle your baby safely video tutorial

0-6 Months

Top tips for introducing solids (from two nurses who are moms first!)

6-15 Months

Three simple rules every home with a toddler needs