The holidays are here, which means lots of traveling and family time. We’re going to help you make this holiday season the best one yet. Here’s what we have for you in this episode:

  • Choosing your battles with your toddler.
  • The perfect way to respond to comments about your child’s behavior (and other awkward conversations).
  • How to help your little one adapt to a new timezone.
  • Remembering family traditions and making new ones.

Your questions: What are your suggestions for finding a formula that my baby will take? Is it okay that my baby is sleeping through the night, but waking up a little early? I am watching my grandson during the day and he will not take a bottle; what can I do?

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Resources mentioned on the show:

Toddler Online Course (including the famous Toddler Seminar)

Toddler Book

Travel Sound Machine

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