Creating a routine that your toddler will love

Creating a Routine that Your Toddler Will Love

Some of us (including our toddler) crave routine; we thrive on it. Please let me check a box! Others want a general idea of how things go in a day peppered with a ton of spontaneity.

So how do I know what kind of person my toddler is: the box checker or the fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants person?

We have great news! We can tell. Yep, we can. Now, all toddlers enjoy a few “primary markers” in the day to give them a sense of security and predictability. There are three or four things that happen about the same time each day: three meals and a nap. Want to know more about those? Check out our Toddler Book. You will also love the schedule options, including two naps a day and one nap a day, AND how to enjoy your toddler AND baby and get everyone fed and napped in the day (including times – yes, we did!).

But if you want to know your toddler in a new way, what motivates and thrills them..take the Moms on Call Toddler by Design Quiz. You will see if you have a budding Einstein or a social butterfly that would rather be with “people” than sleep (or a combo- Social Einstein…what??!!)

This helps us to understand how to motivate our toddlers to lean into the routines of the day that serve them. Our schedules are filled with more than ever. Birthday parties alone can consume our weekends.

However, when we function within a right-hand line and a left-hand line, not being so scheduled that we can’t enjoy life but not being so unpredictable that we can’t enjoy our toddler, then we take the best parts of having a routine and let that make us all better; less tired, less cranky versions of ourselves.

So, look and see if you have a toddler who will put themselves down for a nap or one who needs a rest (desperately) but will beg for “people” instead. And then get the tips to help establish household routines that serve every kind of toddler – and parent.

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