6 moms on call myths

6 Moms on Call Myths

We know that there are thousands of ways to get through this thing we call parenting. We also know that regardless of the methods you choose to raise your children, they are deeply loved. And even if you and your best friend are doing completely different things, you are both incredible parents. At Moms on Call, our goal is to make sure that you have the best information possible to make your decision about the methods that you choose to use. So today, we are talking about 6 Moms on Call myths!

Myth #1

“Moms on Call uses a VERY strict schedule.”

  • Let’s face it; babies thrive off of routines. And what we provide in the typical day routines is a guideline, with a grace period on either end to accommodate your life. We even provide “Crazy Day” tips because we know that, in reality, things don’t always go as planned.
  • The typical day routines include feeding about every 3 hours during the day for newborns and lengthening the stretches as our babies grow older. We focus on a minimum of two naps a day when you can. And strive to hit that bedtime routine whenever possible — bath, tender time, feeding, then bed.

Myth #2

“Moms on Call believes in babies sleeping through the night at 2 weeks of age.”

  • At 2 weeks of age, once the baby is past their birth weight, they can eat on-demand at night.
  • The three key things that have to be in place consistently are the bedtime routine, swaddling correctly (the MOC way) for babies under 3 months of age, and using a sound machine.
  • Here is how we help to guide you through getting those longer stretches of sleep each night as the baby grows older. ( For the complete details, see our Online Video Courses and books. Before you know it, you and the baby will both be sleeping through the night!
    • 2-4 weeks: 2 feeds most nights
    • 4-8 weeks: 1 feed most nights. May still have a night with 2 feeds.
    • 8-10 weeks: 1 feed most nights, with an occasional sleep through the night. YAY!
    • 10-12 weeks: You may start to get more through the night, more nights than not.
    • At 12 weeks of age, they are sleeping through the night with occasional bumps in the road for developmental breakthroughs.

Myth #3

“Moms on Call is just another cry-it-out method.”

  • Not all crying it out is the same. When a baby is under 12 weeks of age and wakes at nap or middle of the night, we encourage waiting just a few minutes before intervening. Parents get to determine what they are comfortable with. The purpose of waiting a few minutes is to make sure the baby is awake and determine whether they are in need of soothing or if it is time to feed.
  • Once baby is 12 weeks of age, and major transitions are happening — like getting rid of the swaddle, learning to roll over, or exploring foods — there is some crying that happens. With the MOC guidelines and key elements in place, we can get through this within a few days with confidence. Confidence from knowing that your little one is safe, loved, and ready for this new freedom.

Myth #4

“Moms on Call is a sleep training method.”

  • Moms on Call is about creating great habits that result in longer stretches of sleep. Although we are known for helping families get more sleep, we are SO much more than that.
  • Not only do we cover sleeping, routines, and naps in our books and Online Video Courses, but we also go through basic newborn care — like putting diapers on, clipping nails, feeding positions, and feeding guidance, including amounts and how to start solids. Once we grow out of the infant phase, then we walk you all the way through toddlerhood. We help you understand how your toddler is uniquely and beautifully designed and teach you how to communicate with them effectively.

Myth #5

“Moms on Call isn’t “breastfeeding” friendly.”

  • At MOC, we support all types of feeding with the same goal in mind, ensuring little ones are healthy and gaining weight properly. We always encourage nursing moms to reach out to a lactation consultant to help navigate breastfeeding if baby has weight issues or their supply diminishes. Check out Moms on Call’s IGTV to watch Laura talk more about this!
  • In fact, some of the Certified MOC consultants are also lactation consultants and can help navigate your journey if needed.

Myth #6

“Moms on Call is a miracle book.”

  • The goal was to make our books as simple and concise as possible. However, they are not magic! It takes hard work, consistency, and understanding that some days are great, and some days we fly by the seat of our pants. Let’s be real. That’s parenting!
  • We want our families to find that sweet spot of flexibility, routine, predictability, and freedom. And although we tried, some situations aren’t covered in the books. For this, we have created extensive resources that are available at your fingertips! Our Online Video Courses were designed to complement our books perfectly, and in them, we walk you through many more essentials and recap the important ones, giving the detail, examples, pep talks, and FAQs answered directly by Jennifer and Laura. Plus, new content is regularly added to the Online Video Course Library that is exclusive to members!

For personalized, one-on-one support, we have certified MOC consultants who walk with you, answering and providing a plan for your specific situation and journey.

So, although “Miracle” isn’t the word we would use, we are forever grateful to be a part of each of your parenting stories.

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