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What if you knew why your child behaved the way that they do and had strategies to use with your child’s unique design to parent with more confidence and insight?

That is what Toddler By Design by Moms on Call was designed to do: Simply take a short quiz to help determine what unique design combination your child exhibits and then get tips on how that affects general life including tips for sleep, tantrums, feeding and potty training.

“This toddler app is beyond amazing! It’s like you crawled inside my kid’s heads and gave me a blueprint to their thought processes!”

Knoxville, TN

“This explains so much. It’s like toddlerhood finally makes sense!”

Atlanta, GA

Find out why your child behaves they way they do.

Sometimes, the challenges we face are not a result of parenting style, but a result of design.

Featuring a simple quiz, developed from over 25 years of experience that reveals your toddler’s unique combination of traits and how to use that specific design to parent with greater confidence and effectiveness.

Which design is hardest to potty train?
Is your child a rare ‘design triad’ or do they score highest in one trait?
What encouraging statements work best and are uniquely specific to your toddler?

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