The Moms on Call 6-15 Month Collection

For 6 through 15 Months

“It is the most practical, logical and understandable guide to basic baby care that I have ever read.”

- Trish K.

The complete collection of proven, sensible parenting resources that gives you everything you need to sleep, feed, laugh and love 6 to 15 months. You will receive:

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Everything you need to thrive through parenting.

We have 20+ years of pediatric nursing experience, and you are the expert on your child. Together, we make a great team!  Our resources give you the practical advice you can really use during the first four years.

  • Our books are written in easy-to-follow, bullet point formats for quick reference.
  • Our Online Courses bring our books to life. It’s like having a pediatric nurse at your fingertips!

"Thank you for your guidance in parenthood, especially for us new moms and dads out there!"

- Ryan M.

How can Moms On Call help you?


You don’t need a 1,237 internet searches to tell you how to be a good parent, because you already are one!  Moms on Call partners with you as a trusted voice to provide an encouraging and clear way forward with easy-to-follow formats that are accessible anytime, anywhere.


When can I start giving my baby finger foods? When should we introduce a sippy cup? At Moms on Call, we believe in feeding without fretting. We partner with you to create a low stress, happy atmosphere to carry you from the first feed to sippy cups, finger foods and beyond.


Babies want to sleep, we just have to teach them how. Moms on Call works with the body's natural rhythms and routines to establish healthy sleep habits that benefit the entire family. Getting 10-12 hours of sleep is a row is essential to your baby's growth and development and is the cornerstone of happy, healthy households.

Time for Yourself

To be the best parents for our children, we need to take care of ourselves.  Moms on Call helps to create space for some much-deserved “me time” every day and even the occasional date night!

Multiple Children

We have 8 kids between us, including two sets of twins! We designed our resources to serve families with multiple children because we know the demands of multiple child households.  So, no matter how many kids you have (or how many you have at a time) we have got you covered.


Let's face it, in parenting, freedom is a planned endeavor.  Which is why Moms on Call provides typical day routines (including times) for every age and stage that takes out the guesswork and follows your child's natural daily rhythms.  We even include “crazy day” guidelines to help keep everyone on track when things inevitably don't go as planned.

"Moms on Call has been the backbone in our household for raising our precious twin boys. I am a registered nurse, and nowhere in my prenatal care or pediatrician visits has the day-to-day advice been so valuable as MOC. I trust you and I thank you."

- Lansdon W. 

The Moms on Call Collection Includes:

6-15 Months | Moms on Call

I am a free spirit and didn’t see myself abiding to a schedule but when I got discharged from hospital, I needed answers and that’s exactly what your book provided! So, thank you! — Andrea

Be prepared for 6-15 months with Moms On Call's Next Steps book.
  • Develop amazing sleep habits
  • Typical daily schedules
  • Feeding schedules, sample menus and a grocery list
  • When and how to transfer to the toddler bed
  • Weaning and the transition to the sippy cup
  • Common illness, what to do about it and when to call the doctor
  • And much more!

The videos are so, so helpful. The best part about them is that they are "quick hit" videos. You can watch them quickly for the highlights but reference the books for deeper info if necessary. I can always find a demo of exactly what I'm looking for which is especially helpful for us first time moms! And dads too! The videos are one of the most used resources we have!

— Lauren W.

Each video is like having a pediatric nurse (who believes in you!) at your fingertips and on your own time because they can be watched (or listened to) anytime, anywhere. 

Our bite-sized, value-packed videos bring our books to life with demonstrations and by coaching you through schedule transitions and developmental milestones, all while addressing the most common questions, topics and concerns that we’ve heard in our 20+ years of pediatric (and parenting) experience.  We’ve included pep talks to encourage you and printable materials to keep on hand.

Plus, new content is added regularly that is exclusive to Online Course members!  We cannot wait for you to join us as we make parenting easier and make sure that you get the rest that you need. Our 6-15 Month Online Course is included in this offer (regularly $99).  Click here for more details!

What Parents are Saying About Moms On Call

“This is the best money I’ve ever spent. Really…in my whole life – I’m sure of it. I only wish I had called on you two and a half years ago!”

Amy H.

“You have enabled us to more deeply embrace the joys of parenthood and childhood while letting go of some of the uncertainty.”

Katy W.

I honestly don’t know where I would be without your book! My mom passed away one month before my second child was born. Then throw in a pandemic, a toddler whose school was closed and was now home all day, and a newborn— I was drowning. Your book was my life raft. I followed the schedules and within a few days I had a happier newborn and I was getting more sleep which made a way happier momma. By 7 weeks he was going from 7pm-5am. Not waking once. I was in SHOCK! I wish I had done this with my first! He’s a healthy and happy amazing boy and I’m a better mom for it. I only wish my mom were here so I could revel in this with her, but thank you again for everything