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Free Resources: Toddlers

Your little one’s personality is starting to shine. Check the guides below to nurture it like a pro.

Bringing Home a Sibling

A new baby is a big beautiful adjustment for every older sister or brother. This guide covers the what to dos, not to dos, and what to says to make it the amazing event it was born to be.

Conquering Potty Training

This sneak peek to our Potty by Design resource covers two proven methods in a simple step by step process. A supply list and ways to keep big siblings busy so baby can focus on the potty are also covered.

Understanding the Three Point Teaching Technique & HUG Moment: 

Turning unwanted behaviors into teachable moments is at the heart of this technique. Through it you’ll create long-term connections while setting safe and loving boundaries.

Three Household Rules to Thrive By

It’s hard for toddlers to remember all the rules—so we helped them by narrowing all the “can” and “cant’s” into three main memorable ones.