Sydney Smith

Birmingham, AL
4 Years

Sydney is an Alabama native living in Birmingham with her husband and two boys. She works as a Pediatric Oncology Nurse at Children’s of Alabama in addition to her work as a Moms on Call consultant.

"Being a pediatric nurse and first-time mom in my thirties, I knew parenting would come easy for me, right?? Wrong. Fortunately, I found Moms on Call. Did the routines and consistency of Moms on Call establish great sleepers? Yes! Is this the best part of Moms on Call? Maybe! Well-rested babies are happy and well-rested parents are a bit more sane. I am passionate about helping moms and dads achieve a little more sanity so they can enjoy this crazy journey we call “parenting.” "

As a consultant, Sydney will walk families through all the experiences of baby care, from sleep-training to the messy art of potty-training.

She hopes to love on your baby and - a little later down the road - laugh with your toddler! Get those questions ready. Through laughter - and maybe even a few tears, you can work together to achieve goals you have for your family. Sydney is available for local support in the Birmingham area and will travel to North Alabama with some notice as well! Though the sweet smell of babies is something she’d hate to miss, a virtual or email consult are great options, too.

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Reviews Title

Elizabeth H Verified

Sydney was amazing! Having her support during the first few months was invaluable. Would recommend to every new mom! Love moms on call!

Emily J Verified

Sydney has been such a blessing

Sydney has been such a blessing to us throughout this past month! We were having a bit of trouble with feeding and sleep with our sweet newborn. We were Moms on Call believers with our first two. Now with 3 under 4 (!!) we knew we wanted to follow the same schedule and method with Madeleine. She turned out to have a few more challenges so booking a consult was such a help! She’s sleeping through the night without a peep at 13 weeks now and her naps are so much better. This work from home mama is so thankful to have a consistent schedule now 🙂 It was very helpful to just ask Sydney any question I had on my mind and she gave a kind and knowledgable response each time. I highly recommend using the MOC consulting as well as choosing Sydney as your nurse. Thank you so much! – Meg Morrow

Emma S Verified

Sydney has been so helpful

As a first time mom, Sydney has been so helpful in easing my anxiety. She reassures me while also providing guidance. I am so thankful for Moms on Call and helping guide me through the newborn stage and beyond!

Olivia B Verified

Sydney was incredible

Sydney was incredible! She gave great, clear advice and was so positive! She helped solve our cat nap issue and our little one is thriving again! It was so nice to just have someone with knowledge and understanding to support us through a bump in the road! I loved have reassurance of what we should try! Highly recommend!

Ava W Verified

The phone call was very helpful

The phone call was very helpful and made me feel less alone in this.

Sophia J Verified

Sydney was review-worthy

Y’all. I am not a review-leaving type of gal but . She was personable, non-judgmental, met me and my little one where we were and equipped us with the tools and confidence to achieve better sleep after only one email exchange. Could not recommend enough.

Isabella D Verified

He has been doing so great at night! Last night, we put him to bed, didn’t cry, just moved around a bit for 10 min before falling asleep and slept until 6:50am!! 🙂 It was wild and so amazing!

Mia M Verified

Sydney has been a God-send!

She helped us figure out sleeping solutions for our little 2.5 month old when I was at my most overwhelmed. Our son is now almost 4 months old and has been sleeping through the night for over 4 weeks! He’s also become a much more consistent napper and Sydney helped coach me in ways that helped me learn when and when not to respond to his cries. It felt so freeing. She put up with my daily emails and responded promptly, helping me feel so supported. I gained so much confidence as a mom through this experience and I would recommend it to everyone! I have friends of older kids who are jealous of how well our son sleeps and that is due so much to Sydney and Moms on Call in general!

Charlotte W Verified

He slept through both last night and the night before without making a peep!! NOT A PEEP! And he’s gone down without fuss completely on his own. He hangs out for a bit and goes right to sleep. We are in complete awe and so proud of our little dude!!

Amelia M Verified

Sydney is a wealth of knowledge and an invaluable resource!

Being a first time mom is really overwhelming and can feel really lonely! No matter how wild or silly I feel like my questions might be, she always answers with compassion and without judgement. Sydney repeatedly gives me the answers and information I need to help my baby, while also comforting me in any situation I am facing. I truly could not have gotten through these first few months of motherhood without her! She’s not only a Moms on Call expert, but she knows all things baby!