Why We Love Bibs Pacifiers

The search for the perfect pacifier is over! Moms on Call talks about why we love the Bibs pacifier and how it checks off all of our boxes and then some.

Written by Moms on Call

One of baby’s natural calming reflexes is sucking. This is why babies soothe when we give them a pacifier. And by now you know that there are endless pacifier options out there and finding the right one can be daunting. So, whether you’ve been searching for the right one or are preparing for baby, Moms on Call has the only pacifier you’ll need. Not only does it have a look that is both timeless and elegant, but Bibs natural rubber pacifiers mimic both the shape and soft materials of mother’s breast making it a winner with all babies! 

With the correct swaddle and soothing techniques in place, both naps and night time can be transformed. Let’s talk about the reasons why we love Bibs pacifiers and the part they play  in Moms on Call’s soothing technique. 

Why we love Bibs

  • The shield is shaped away from baby’s face, preventing drool rash on their skin.
  • The shape of the bulb is nice and large. 
    • This allows the pacifier to stay in baby’s mouth. 
    • Similar to when baby feeds, their tongue sits right underneath the bulb. This helps utilize muscles and provides opportunity to practice correct tongue positioning for effective breast and bottle feeding.
  •  The lightweight soft materials are 100% free from BPA, PVC and Phthalates
  • The natural rubber materials elongate in baby’s mouth while they are sucking, mimicking the natural suck of breast or bottle. 
  • A time tested favorite to parents and babies for over forty years!

The Benefits of Pacifiers 

  • Satisfy the suck reflex.
    • Beyond nutrition, sucking has a soothing, calming effect.
  • Encourage baby to self soothe.
  • Ease discomfort or offer temporary distraction.
    • In the car or in the air, babies can’t pop their ears by swallowing or yawning. Sucking on a pacifier might help relieve ear pain caused by air pressure changes.

Now let’s put it in play. Follow along with Moms on Call’s basic principles to establish healthy sleep habits that benefit the entire family. 

Watch the soothing video below to see the combined magic of the Moms on Call swaddle, white noise and soothing techniques, including the part the pacifier plays in soothing baby back to sleep with just a few sucks. 

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