Not Another Cry It Out Method

Moms on Call discusses one of the biggest myths about us–that we are just another CIO method. Join us as we debunk this myth and share our approach to creating great routines and practicing the pause.

Not all “crying it out” is the same. At Moms on Call, when baby is under 12 weeks of age and wakes at nap or in the middle of night, we encourage waiting just a few minutes before intervening. The best part? Parents get to determine what they are and are not comfortable with.

At your comfort, we recommend waiting a few minutes before we intervene.

What’s the purpose of the wait?

  • The purpose of waiting a few minutes is to make sure baby is awake and to determine whether they are in need of soothing or if it is time to feed. 
  • At Moms on Call we encourage creating great habits that result in longer stretches of sleep.

So, we practice the pause.

“Practice the Pause” simply means to wait just a few minutes before reacting. Whether in the middle of a nap sleep cycle or when they wake in the middle of the night, just wait. By waiting a few minutes it will give them the opportunity to wake, fuss, and go back to sleep or they will let us know they are ready to eat.

  • Once baby is 12 weeks of age and major transitions are happening, like getting rid of the swaddle, learning to roll over, or exploring foods, there is some crying that happens.
  • With Moms on Call, we give you specific guidelines for what to do when your little one wakes early from a nap or in the middle of the night, according to age.
  • With key elements in place, we can get through this and be sleeping through the night within a few days!

At Moms on Call we are often known for helping families get more sleep, but we are SO much more than just that. 

Not only do we cover sleeping, routines and naps in our books and online video courses, but we also go through basic newborn care — like putting diapers on, clipping nails, feeding positions and feeding guidance, including amounts and how to start solids. Once we grow out of the infant phase, then we walk you all the way through toddlerhood. In doing so, we help you understand how your toddler is uniquely and beautifully designed and teach you how to effectively communicate with them.

For personalized, one-on-one support we have certified MOC consultants who walk with you, answering and providing a plan for your specific situation and journey. 

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