My Life Well Loved – How We Do Moms on Call

Heather Brown, from My Life Well Loved, shares about how her family uses Moms on Call!

Written by Heather Brown, Alabama Life and Style Blogger and owner of My Life Well Loved.  Photography by Eric and Jamie Photo.

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of the Moms on Call program in our house! I used it with Leyton when he was a baby and again now with Finn, and it has been really successful for us! Praise the Lord for any sleep you can get with a newborn! I am pretty public about our use of Moms on Call because I just love it that much, but also because it works!

So many of y’all have commented on how blessed we are to have two boys who are great sleepers, and don’t get me wrong, we sure are blessed! But I have to give all the props to Moms on Call and some awesome mama friends in my life who shot me straight about what motherhood can look like daily. That’s part of the reason I love this community so much…we all look out for how we can support each other whether we agree on the exact specifics of how to parent or not.

You all have asked a lot of questions specifically about our use of Moms on Call, and today I wanted to answer those for you!

I want to put a little disclaimer here and say that I know that this method is not for every mom or every baby.  If, upon reading our take on it, you feel that this just isn’t for you…that is okay. Just know that this is our own personal take on it, and it’s 110% worked for us. I have sworn by it for both of my boys!

Many of the questions I have gotten from you guys are about how the program works and how nit-picky we are about it. In general, we are NOT super nit-picky about it! You’ll see that theme throughout the answers to these questions below.

So, without further ado, I’m sharing a little bit more detail about how we do Moms on Call and answering some of the most popular questions. If there is anything that I don’t answer, feel free to send me a message or leave me a comment!

What is Moms on Call?

Moms on Call is a method that was created 20 years ago by two pediatric nurses (and moms) that guides parents through all of the practical aspects of the first four years. Their method includes things like:

  • Lists of all the things you actually need to have on hand for a new baby (not just what you’re seeing ads for on social media)
  • What to do for just about every type of common illness from coughs to ear infections, vomiting and everything in between
  • Guidance for all feeding methods — breast, bottle and combination feeding
  • Daily schedules with times for each stage — starting at 2 weeks of age and going all the way up to 4 years of age. They even have combined schedules for toddlers and newborns which has been so helpful!
  • How to get your baby on a healthy sleep routine (so you can have one too)

The Moms on Call method can be found in their books and online courses, which many refer to as their “Baby Bible”. I love that it’s short, sweet and straight to the point, without a lot of fluff. (Because, let’s be honest, who has time for that?!) The books were a constant piece of decor in our house, always on the kitchen or coffee table.

I also love how Moms on Call’s method is based in reality. Moms on Call is known for their routines and many think of it as “strict”, but it was the opposite for me and gave me more flexibility! I find that Moms on Call takes into account that life happens and days do not always go according to plan. They provide a “right-hand line” and a “left-hand line” that can be used as guardrails to keep you on the track that will provide the predictability that every parent wants, but also leaves room for some freedom and unpredictable moments.

Perhaps most importantly, Moms on Call helped me to be confident as a parent which was a game changer in our house! Because of Moms on Call, I had a plan for each day which helped me to know that my babies were getting everything they needed and gave me a sense of security and peace, as opposed to flying by the seat of my pants everyday. Moms on Call are the first ones to say that you don’t need another book, expert, method, or internet search because you are the best decision maker for your child. However, I sure did appreciate their expertise and guidance as I made all the decisions that come with being a parent!

I love these Moms on Call resources below!

MOC Basics: Soothing Techniques

MOC Basics: Bathing

View more of their free MOC Basics Videos.

Your Moms on Call Feedback

Moms on Call has completely changed the game for me as far as getting my daughter on a better sleep routine. At 7 1/2 months old, she still wasn’t sleeping through the night, and hearing her cry made my anxiety skyrocket. The one line from the book that I kept going back to during the first night we tried the Moms on Call method was, “They are safe, they are loved, and they can learn to do this.” That was exactly what I needed to hear. After that first hard night, my daughter slept through the night the next two consecutive nights in a row.

Everyone (my husband, my daughter, and myself) got much-needed sleep, and I got the boost of encouragement that I needed as a mother to keep going with the plan. Not every night has been perfect, but I’m seeing progress which is so encouraging! And even more, I feel encouraged, supported, and educated as a mother. Moms on Call was exactly what I needed!”

We had tried other sleep training methods, and they just didn’t work for us. Our daughter Macie was 6 months old when we decided to give MOC a try. She was waking up 2-3 times a night. We were living in a tiny apartment at the time, she was still in our room, and something had to give. So I bought the MOC book for 6-15 months, and I started on the schedule to a “t.The other methods that we had tried didn’t arm me with nearly as much knowledge or confidence.

Moms on Call made me feel like I could really take charge of this situation and lovingly teach my daughter how to sleep. They gave me permission to take charge of my own emotions and do what was best for her so that all of us could get a good night’s sleep. The sweet ways that they firmly reassure you that you are doing the right thing.Now, at a year old, Macie is such a champion sleeper! She’s flexible when we need her to be, and it’s amazing. My only regret is not starting it sooner! When baby #2 comes along, we are definitely jumping on the MOC train way sooner!”

Our Typical Routine

Right now, Finn typically gets up at 7:45am to feed and goes back to bed till about 9am. He’ll nap from 11:30am-1pm while Leyton and I have activity time and then he gets up, and we all eat lunch together, or I work while the sitter is there. Finn will be up for 2-3 hours at a time and take a nap again if needed…perhaps a cat nap, then dinner playtime, bath, and bed. 

Moms on Call Online Courses

In addition to their world famous books, Moms on Call’s Online Video Courses are not to be missed. They are made up of a bunch of short videos and contain all of the information that their personal consults include. The courses are designed to complement their books.

Just like anything else in life, I think you’ll find that if you give yourself grace, you can really enjoy this structure when needed. As a new mom without much experience with babies, this was a Godsend for me. I’d highly encourage you to check out The Moms on Call Podcast and the podcast Moms on Call did with Surviving Sarah. You’ll see their heart for mamas so evidently, and really find a lot of trust in why this may be a good option for you!

No matter what you choose, mama, trust your heart and instincts. You know what’s best for you and your child. If there’s one thing I encourage you in, it’s that when your little one is crying at night, remember they are safe, enclosed, and loved. Agree with your husband ahead of time what the plan of action is at night. I always remind myself that if I can get through 30 minutes or even an hour of crying, I’m investing in YEARS of future nights of sleep. You can do this if you want to!

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