Moving up in Three Simple Steps: 8-16 Week Schedule

Moms on Call has made moving up in schedules as easy as 1, 2, 3! Continue reading for our tips to moving up to the 8-16 week schedule in three simple steps!

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Some parents may see moving up in schedules as a bit of an obstacle. We are here to help with the adjustment and get you through it in a breeze. One of our most frequently asked questions pertains to the 8-16 week schedule and moving up, as this is a big sleep leap for baby. 

If you are following along with the Moms on Call 4-8 week schedule, the baby can move up between 6-8 weeks of age, if healthy and gaining weight! 

If you are just starting to follow along with Moms on Call’s typical day schedules and techniques, jump right in to the 8-16 weeks schedule between 6-8 weeks of age (if healthy and gaining weight). Begin with Moms on Call Basics to get the details just right!

Now let’s go over what signs to look for, and three simple steps to moving up! 

  • Baby is healthy and gaining weight! 
  • Middle of the night wakeup is later than usual (closer to 4 am).
  • Nap time begins to shorten, and baby has more alert/awake time during the day. 

Moving up means getting baby to bed earlier. At Moms on Call, we’ve found that sleep does not “shift” — it expands. So, by getting baby to bed earlier, they will actually sleep longer! Yay for big sleeping milestones! Follow along with our three simple steps to moving up and your little one (and you) will be sleeping and dreaming longer before you know it! 

Three Simple Steps to Moving Up! 

  1. Check and perfect our miracle sleep trick! Watch the swaddle video here to get the swaddle just right, and tight, tight, tight!
  2. Follow along in the book and online courses for help with getting baby closer to that 4 am middle of night feeding.
    • Allow baby 4- 6 minutes (this can be extended based on what is best for your family/sanity!) of fussing before you begin the soothing rounds.
  3. Stay confident and baby will follow! Keep in mind, adjustments typically take 3-5 days. 

Jump right in, you’ve got this! And remember, our confidence is contagious. 

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