Collection: CPR & Choking

Baby First Aid: CPR and Choking for Babies & Toddlers There’s nothing scarier to a parent than the possibility of a medical emergency. That's why Moms on Call designed the Toddler & Infant CPR and Choking Online Course. A comprehensive guide to give you the necessary skills to respond quickly and effectively in an emergency. This Baby First Aid course offers expert instruction simply and smartly. Covering a wide range of life-saving skills, that even include lifesaving choking techniques for pregnant women. Super easy-to-follow, our instructions are tailored for both parents and caregivers. Giving everyone critical information without the added stress of certification requirements. The course goes beyond the standard infant CPR and choking training to delve into the intricacies of CPR for infants and different ages of children. You’ll learn important skills for handling choking in both infants and children, the nuances of toddler safety during emergencies, and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) correctly and safely. You’ll also learn valuable baby first aid for common situations like: bee stings, minor cuts and scrapes, nose bleeding, and minor burns. Access to printable quick reference guides and quizzes accompany each module. So, you can regularly test and reinforce your new skills, while stocking up on essential items for a well-equipped Baby First Aid kit. Our Moms on Call course keeps life-saving skills at the forefront of your parenting journey. While helping you confidently and safely parent with peace of mind.