4-6 month routine

What to Expect - The Moms on Call 4-6 Month Routine

Hooray! You and your little explorer have hit the incredible 4-month milestone! At Moms on Call, we know that this stage is a mix of giggles and challenges. If you've been following our 8-16 week routine, get ready for the next exciting chapter – the 4-6 month routine. Let's dive into the signs that signal it's time to shake things up a bit!

Transitioning to the 4-6 Month Routine

Spotting the signs for routine change is like deciphering baby Morse code! Look out for signs such as staying awake for about 2 hours from the start of the feeding until naptime with minimal short dozes and not showing hunger cues at the 3-hour mark. Once you notice these signs, it's time to transition to the 4-6 month routine. Remember, you have a 15-minute grace period on either side of the listed times for adjustments.

What to Expect at 4 Months

Hold on to your baby hats because, at 4 months, it's like they discovered the turbo button! Muscles are flexing, purposeful moves are happening, and they're on a mission to master their newfound freedom. Sure, there might be a bit of frustration in the process, but we're all about letting them find their comfy spot!

Get ready for your baby's first stand-up comedy show – they're recognizing faces and "talking" to you! Textured toys and picture books are the rave, and peek-a-boo has become the go-to game for endless laughter.

Introducing Solid Foods – It’s a Baby Foodie Adventure!

Between 4-6 months, the solid food adventure kicks off, but it's not a rigid date on the calendar. Signs like sitting with a hint of independence, rock-solid head control, and a sneaky interest in your dinner plate mean it's time to spice things up. Check out our free solid food introduction calendar in the knowledge center for a stress-free, baby-approved guide.

Remember, solid foods complement, not replace, breastfeeding or formula feeding. You have flexibility in frequency, ranging from once a day to three times a day.

What to Expect - Naptime

Naps are a bit like baby improv – expect the unexpected! Aim for two naps a day with a pre-nap routine starting 15 minutes before showtime. For example, at 8:30am, get ready for a diaper change, snuggles and storytime. By 8:45am or 9am, it's naptime– cue the lullabies! There's a 10-20 minute pre-sleep party, followed by a 30-45 minute nap, a brief loud session (baby karaoke, anyone?) for about 20 minutes, and then some dozing on and off for another 30 minutes. Wrap it up with low-key snuggle time (if they are awake and noisy) at 10:30am before the next feeding extravaganza.

Buckle up for the whimsical ride of the 4-month adventure with your mini sidekick! Transitioning routines, diving into solids, and mastering the art of naps might be a wild journey, but with Moms on Call, we are with you every step of the way. Every baby is a unique little explorer, so embrace the giggles, celebrate the small wins, and enjoy this magical time together!

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