Transitioning to the Next Schedule

Babies are constantly changing, growing and developing this first year, which means their daytime schedule changes as well. In this post, we'll help simplify transitioning to the next schedule.

Moms on Call provides parents with age appropriate typical day schedules to make the day to day as simple as possible. These schedules can be found in the Moms on Call Resources -- Books, Courses and The (newly and improved!) Scheduler App.

Transitioning to the Next Schedule: How Do You Know When Baby is Ready?

  • Difficult time falling asleep for most naps.
  • Early morning wakings are happening regularly.
  • The baby takes a while to fall asleep at bedtime.

Pro Tip: Follow your parenting intuition and look at your baby’s trends over a 7 day period, rather than fixating on one or two bad days.

What Can Cause the Schedule to be Thrown Off, and What Can I Do?

  • When our little ones hit big milestones, it is normal for them to be fussier some days, have a slight change in their appetite, or have poor sleep for a few days.
  • Stay consistent with the typical daily routine.
    • It will help them get through these breakthroughs more quickly and smoothly.
    • Consistency provides trust, security and predictability for our children. Kids of all ages thrive on the familiar.
  • Ultimately, if things were great with sleep and then all of the sudden your little one continues to show signs for over one week, it is time to switch to the next schedule.

You Asked, We Answered! Here Are Some Questions From Our Followers on Transitioning to the Next Schedule!

My baby is 9 weeks old and we have to start the day at 6AM for my work. What time would the first nap be, and do I shift the whole schedule to make the first nap 2 hours?

  • We can adjust the routine up by one hour, then extend the evening if needed. We will typically adjust the evening to have those few extra minutes with little!
    • So instead of starting bath at 5:30/6PM, we do bath at 6:15/6:30pm, then feed at 6:45/7PM.
  • For a more personalized schedule, we recommend connecting with a Certified Moms on Call Consultant to help build and work with your specific day to day routine!

What can I do if my 6 week old doesn't eat quite the recommended amount? She is healthy and gaining weight, but not quite eating 4oz per bottle. Can we still progress with the schedule, if she is eating less.

  • Yes! In this case, she may just have an additional feed or two more at night until that amount gradually increases. Remember to take a look at feeding positions, types of nipples, and stay consistent each day with feeding times.
  • We also recommend connecting with a Certified Moms on Call Consultant to help navigate and personalize the schedule for your situation!

Is it okay to begin the 4 Month Schedule, even if we have not started solids yet?

  • Yes! If baby is staying up about two hours and not acting hungry until three hours, then we can move up!
  • You can skip the solids, and still offer the sippy with 2-3 ounces of breastmilk or formula at the recommended "snack" times.

I'm having trouble with nap times, do I put the baby in the crib and walk out, or should I have a routine?

  • We love a pre-nap routine!
    • Snuggles, story time, etc!
  • We want to focus on two naps a day.
  • Under 3 Months of age, baby is swaddled.
  • Over 3 Months of age, no swaddle.
  • Then, turn on the swaddle machine on, lay baby down, and give them a few minutes to figure it out!

Moving Up: How to Make the Change:

  • Jump right in!
    • It is best to go right into the next recommended schedule based on babies age, if healthy and gaining weight.
  • Begin the day at 7AM on the new schedule!
  • Consistency is key!
    • Stay consistent with the new schedule and baby will follow! These adjustments typically take 3-5 days.
  • Be sure to follow along in the book, so you have everything in place for laying a healthy feeding and sleeping foundation based on your child's age.
  • You've Got This!

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