5 month sleep schedule

5 Month Old Sleep Schedule

Congratulations, parents! You've made it to the incredible milestone of five months with your little one. The period from 20 to 24 weeks is a time filled with new adventures, giggles and exciting milestones. Each day brings something new, making this stage of your baby's development so much fun!

Teething Adventures

At this age, your little explorer is likely gnawing on anything within reach. Combat teething discomfort with a variety of textured teething toys – some even chilled for a few mins for added relief. Be prepared for those adorable open-mouthed moments as they navigate the world of different textures.

You may notice a bit more fussiness and clinginess. Try to hit your feed times and allow a bit more snuggles. If out of sorts more than 2-3 days have those ears checked, just in case it isn’t teething. 

Conversations Begin

The language skills of your little one are in full force, and you might notice them sharing their own "stories" with you. Cherish these moments, react to their tales, and encourage their budding communication skills. It's an exciting time as you witness the beginning of their ability to express themselves.

Incorporate these opportunities during feedings and playtimes. 

Solid Food Adventures 

You may have started to introduce solids and it is a fun and messy adventure. Download our Baby Food Introduction CalendarWe work hard to make feeding as easy as possible so that you have more time to enjoy your little one.

Watch in awe as your baby opens their mouth eagerly for each spoonful. Use long-handled, plastic-covered, or silicone infant spoons for a comfortable feeding experience. Experiment with a straw sippy cup, hold securely in their mouth for a few seconds.

Solid foods can be offered once, twice or three times a day. This is stress-free and if you skip a day it is okay! This is just fun and practice. 

Bath Time Bliss

Make a splash with bath time adventures! Use a bath seat for safety and include cups and spoons for a sensory water play experience. 

This is still such an exciting time and they get super excited when they hear that water running and it starts that bedtime routine

Sensory Exploration, Motor-Skills and Independent Play

Enhance cause-and-effect understanding with actions like saying "Open" when opening a lid or "Up" when picking up. Bring out textured balls for rolling and covering, engaging in baby massage post-bath for a sensory treat making sure to name those body parts! Encourage independent play, even if it's just for a few minutes – it's a valuable part of their development.

They are masters at rolling from belly to back and beginning to get that back to belly roll started. Remember sometimes it takes a few weeks longer to get there. 

Once they start rolling over at night, that can interrupt that nighttime sleep. They just may not “like” it at first. This is a great time to make sure in footed pjs (sacks/suits may cause some frustration until rolling easily), bare crib (nothing but baby) then give time and opportunity to work those muscles and figure out how to find that comfy spot. 

Routine (See the MOC 4-6 month routine)

By now, your little one's routine is settling in, staying awake for around 2 hours at a time. Naps are approximately 1 to 1.5 hours in the morning and 1.5 to 2 hours in the afternoon. The evening catnap may be hit or miss, but a family walk can help ease them into bedtime.

Child-Proofing and Safety

As your baby becomes more mobile, it's time to child-proof the surroundings. Get down on their level, child-proofing outlets, cabinets, and securing potentially hazardous areas. Consider taking the MOC Online CPR/First aid course.

Reflecting on the Journey

As you approach the end of week 24, take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey of the past 168 days. From first giggles to rolling over, your little one has achieved so much. Celebrate their growth, development and emerging personality.

Every day is indeed a new adventure with your five month old bundle of joy!

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