Toddler by Design Part 2

Written by Moms on Call

Every child learns and develops individually. At Moms on Call, we’ve developed tools to assist with each child’s specific design. Although characteristics of one design may be more dominant, we’ve found most children are a combination of designs. Take the quiz in our Moms on Call Toddler by Design app to determine your toddler’s design combination and get tips for managing sleeping, feeding, tantrums and potty training for each. Plus, our Toddler Online Video Courses will help you learn simple ways to communicate with your Toddler in a way that brings out the best in them!

Some examples of how your toddler’s design may show up in everyday life:

  • Which design has the hardest time sleeping during naps? (An Engineer)
  • Which one has the hardest time potty training? (Social)

Challenges are not always a result of parenting style but a result of design! Follow along as we explore each design, giving you a peek into the designs along with a tip or two.


  • We like to characterize social kids with this simple description: Winks and Smiles
  • They are practicing all types of social cues, along with noises, and usually master language at a young age.
  • Natural born leaders, which are charming and really catch your attention with that glimmer in their eye!
  • They are all about the interaction and reaction (usually from their most loved ones).
  • Getting social kids to sleep can be tough! They will read along with as many books as you let them!
  • Here’s a tip Social toddlers love! “You know what Is the best face to make at night? The sleep face – show me the sleep
    face. That’s perfect!”


  • Engineers are often characterized, simply by these two words: Instruction and Structure
  • These kiddos love solving puzzles, figuring things out on their own and playing independently (which may come off as shyness).
  • They are great problem solvers and wonderful at making decisions!
  • They love to explore the world and find the “correct” way to do things!
  • Put it on the schedule. These kiddos love routine!
  • Engineers like things in a process, breaking down things into 3 or 4 steps. Let’s take the potty for example. “We’re going to sit on the potty, wait for the pee or poo, flush and wipe. You’ve got this!”


  • Getting movement kids to sit still can be a whirlwind. It’s important to remember these kids need safety and containment. We must provide them with that space!
  • Movement kids will look for anything to climb on! Anchor large household items and provide them with open space to explore.
  • Since they are always on the go, this usually means they sleep like rocks! (YAY!)
  • We often have to remind movement kids of safety. Try this: “You’ll hold my hand when we cross the street, that’s just the way we do it, every time!”


  • These words almost always characterize Touch kids: Snuggle and Gentle Hands.
  • They love to snuggle, and it is great to reward them with your loving embrace, eskimo kisses or a high five!
  • These kids are exploring the full spectrum of touch and looking for guidance, which they will try out on their most loved ones.
  • Sometimes this will result in hitting or tackling (for fun).
  • Try these:
    • “Its ok to be frustrated. It is not okay to hit when you don’t get your way.”
    • “Not everyone enjoys being tackled but we really enjoy you! What’s great about you is that you can be gentle too. Love you.” (Kiss on forehead.)

Rule Follower

  • Rule followers are very structured, follow the rules, and often make up their own!
  • Easily adjust to structured environments and are praised by babysitters and teachers for being great helpers.
  • Rule followers are characterized as high achievers and make great older siblings!
  • They expect others to follow the rules just like them, including siblings.
  • Try this the next time your Rule Follower wants to set the rules for everyone: “You don’t get to set the rules, I set the rules. I’ve got this.”

Remember, every child is built as a beautiful combination of these designs that come with both strengths and challenges. We’ve got you covered! For additional tips and sanity savers that are tailored to your child, watch our Online Video Courses and download our Toddler by Design App.

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