Toddler by Design

Toddler by Design Part 1

Happy New Year! If your New Year’s Resolution is to figure out your toddler’s sleep schedule or you’re new to Moms on Call, this is the perfect episode to start 2024. We’ll walk you through our Toddler by Design program, talk a little about each type, and explain how that relates to your toddler’s sleep!

Introducing the Moms on Call Sleep & Grow Mattress by Colgate! This dual-firmness crib mattress, designed in collaboration with Moms on Call and Colgate, the Crib Mattress Specialist®, has been expertly engineered for comfort and safety. Packed with 5.5″ of eco-friendlier foam made from sustainable plant oils, this mattress ensures a good night’s sleep for your little one. Explore more about the Sleep & Grow Mattress on our podcast!

Toddler by Design E-Guide & Quiz

Are you a parent trying to understand why your toddler behaves the way they do? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a roadmap to navigate through their unique personality traits and behaviors? The Toddler by Design E-Guide is here to provide you with just that!

First, take our simple, user-friendly quiz to help you determine your child’s unique design combination. This isn’t just about understanding your child better but also about learning to parent with more confidence and insight.

Don’t forget to use the code PODCAST for a special 20% discount on all Moms on Call products!

For more helpful information about Toddler by Design and your toddler’s design, check out our Knowledge Center. Happy listening!

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